A Book of Nursery Songs and Rhymes/Nursery Songs/LIV. LULLABY

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For works with similar titles, see Lullaby.

Sleep, baby, sleep!
Dad is not nigh,
Tossed on the deep,
Moon shining bright,
Dropping of dew,
Owls hoot all night,
To-whit! to-whoo!
Sleep, baby, sleep!
Dad is away,
Tossed on the deep,
Looking for day.
In the hedge-row
Glow-worms alight,
Rivulets flow,
All through the night
Sleep, baby, sleep!
Dad is afar,
Tossed on the deep,
Watching a star.
Clock going—tick,
Tack,—in the dark.
On the hearth—click!—
Dies the last spark.
Sleep, baby, sleep!
What! not a wink!
Dad on the deep,
What will he think?
Baby dear, soon
Daddy will come,
Bringing red shoon
For baby at home.