A Catechism and Confession of Faith

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A Catechism and Confession of Faith (1673)
Robert Barclay
144223A Catechism and Confession of Faith1673Robert Barclay

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Confession of Faith,

Approved of and Agreed unto by the General Assembly of the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles, CHRIST himself chief Speaker In and Among them,

Which containeth a true and faithful Account of the Principles and Doctrines, which are most surely believed by the Churches of Christ in Great Brittain and Ireland, who are reproachfully called by the Name of Quakers; yet are found in the one Faith with the Primitive Church and Saints, as is most clearly demonstrated by some plain Scripture Testimonies (without Consequences or Commentaries) which are here collected and inserted by way of Answer to a few weighty, yet easie and familiar Questions, fitted as well for the wisest and largest, as for the weakest and lowest Capacities.

To which is added, an Expostulation with, and Appeal to all other Professors.

The Third Edition, Corrected and very much amended

By R. B. a Servant of the Church of Christ.

Search the Scriptures (or, ye search the Scriptures) for in them ye think ye have Eternal Life, and they are they which testifie of me; But ye will not come to me that ye might have life. John 5:39-40


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Of God, and the true and saving Knowledge of him.
  • Chapter 2: Of the Rule and Guide of Christians, and of the Scriptures.
  • Chapter 3: Of Jesus Christ's being manifest in the Flesh, the Use and End of it.
  • Chapter 4: Of the New Birth, the Inward Appearance of Christ in Spirit, and the Unity of the Saints with him.
  • Chapter 5: Concerning the Light wherewith Jesus Christ hath enlightned every Man; the Universality and Sufficiency of God's Grace to all the World made manifest therein.
  • Chapter 6: Concerning Faith, Justification, and Works.
  • Chapter 7: Concerning Perfection, or Freedom from Sin.
  • Chapter 8: Concerning Perseverance and falling from Grace.
  • Chapter 9: Concerning the Church and Ministry.
  • Chapter 10: Concerning Worship.
  • Chapter 11: Concerning Baptism, and Bread and Wine.
  • Chapter 12: Concerning the Life of a Christian in general, what, and how it ought to be in this World.
  • Chapter 13: Concerning Magistracy.
  • Chapter 14: Concerning the Resurrection.
  • Chapter 15: A short Introduction to the Confession of Faith.
  • Chapter 16: A Confession of Faith, containing Twenty Three Articles.
    • Article 1: Concerning God, and the True and Saving Knowledge of him.
    • Article 2: Concerning the Guide and Rule of Christians.
    • Article 3: Concerning the Scriptures.
    • Article 4: Concerning the Divinity of Christ, and his being from the Beginning.
    • Article 5: Concerning his Appearance in the Flesh.
    • Article 6: Concerning the End and Use of that Appearance.
    • Article 7: Concerning the Inward Manifestation of Christ.
    • Article 8: Concerning the New Birth.
    • Article 9: Concerning the Unity of the Saints with Christ.
    • Article 10: Concerning the Universal Love and Grace of God to all.
    • Article 11: Concerning the Light that enlightneth every Man.
    • Article 12: Concerning Faith and Justification.
    • Article 13: Concerning good Works.
    • Article 14: Concerning Perfection.
    • Article 15: Concerning Perseverance, and Falling from Grace.
    • Article 16: Concerning the Church and Ministry.
    • Article 17: Concerning Worship.
    • Article 18: Concerning Baptism.
    • Article 19: Concerning Eating of Bread and Wine, Washing of one anothers Feet, abstaining from things strangled, and from Blood; and Anointing of the Sick with Oyle.
    • Article 20: Concerning the Liberty of such Christians as are come to know the Substance, as to the using or not using of these Rites, and of the observation of Days.
    • Article 21: Concerning Swearing, Fighting and Persecution.
    • Article 22: Concerning Magistracy.
    • Article 23: Concerning the Resurrection.
  • Chapter 17: A short Expostulation with, and Appeal to all other Professors.
  • Chapter 18: A short Examination of some of the Scripture-Proofs, alledged by the Divines at Westminster, to prove divers Articles in their Confession of Faith and Catechism.

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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