A Christmas Faggot/Nunc Dimittis

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For works with similar titles, see Nunc Dimittis.



To cradle Mary’s Child his heart
     An old man opens wide:
Behold him in God’s peace depart,
     And in God’s peace abide.

He sings the very Song of Peace,
     Responsive to the Word;
His lullaby shall never cease
     To make its music heard

For all the children of the Bride,
     The subjects of the King,
With each returning eventide
     Have learnt his song to sing.

He sings of 'peace,’ 'salvation,’ 'light:’
     His lovely words we take
For consolation night by night,
     Until God’s morning break.

Then, when our dazzled eyes grow dim,
     Breathed with our parting breath
The old man's sweet, heart-soothing hymn
     Glad welcome gives to death.

We too what Simeon saw may see—
     The Mother undefiled,
Our hearts enfold as blissfully
     The Everlasting Child!