A Christmas Garland/1896 Introduction

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[1896 Introduction][edit]

[Since the death of Charles Dickens, Christmas, as a literary motive, has declined sadly. It seemed to me that a renewal of that good motive might dispel some, at least, of the morbid vapours which involve our literature. So I appealed to many of our best essayists and romancers. Some were, others were not, susceptible. What follows is a mere selection from the writings I garnered. As I correct the proofs, I venture to think that the little movement has been a success. Not one of the writers seems to have fallen below his or her level and some have even risen above it. Mr. M*r*d*th, for example, and Mr. M*cl*r*n seem to have written more clearly, I myself more sincerely, than usual. And Mrs. M**n*ll, in the festivity of her theme, has been betrayed into an unwonted warmth of style which will not alienate her admirers, I hope.--M. B.]