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HALCYONS, a denomination which arose in 1802, and took the title of the Halcyon Church in Columbia. This church admits men of different sentiments into its fellowship; they profess to adhere strictly to the scriptures, and renounce all manner of creeds and confessions of faith.

They deny the doctrine of the trinity; and say, "there is no other God, nor person in the godhead, but the Father— and the Messiah is the personality of the Father," and "the Father cannot be known as a person, only as he was pleased to assume personality in his anointed." They also deny the doctrine of the eternal punishment of the wicked. They assert that both the fallen angels and wicked men will cease to exist at the close of the mediatorial kingdom of our Saviour.

They practise baptism in this manner: those who profess their faith in Christ, walk down to the water in procession, with a large congregation, accompanied with vocal and instrumental music, and are baptized by pouring water on the head, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and using these words: "By the authority of the great head of Zion, I baptize thee in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom is exhibited, in one glorious person, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen."

The members of the Halcyon church devote their children to the Lord, not by baptism, but by dedicating them to the Lord, and placing them under the guardianship of the church, the members of which receive them in their arms; and petition the Lord for a blessing on them, and watch over them, that they may receive a religious education.[1]

Original footnotes[edit]

  1. Halcyon Epistle, addressed to christians of all denominations, published 1803.