A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms

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A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms (1924)
by Gilbert H. Lawson
145990A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms1924Gilbert H. Lawson


A1--The best.
ABORIGINAL--An original inhabitant of any land; an Australian black.
ABSENTEE--Euphemistic term for convict. Word now disappeared.
ACACIA--Kind of scrub. Australia possesses many species.
ADAM'S ALE--Water.
AIN'T--Abbreviation of "is not."
'ALF-A-MO--Fraction of a second.
ALLEY, TO TOSS IN THE--To give in.
ALL IN--Exhausted.
ALL MY EYE--Expression of incredulity.
ALL THERE--Expression of praise.
ALL TO PIECES--Decadence. To fall away.
ALL TO SMASH--To be ruined.
ANCHORWING--Species of falcon.
ANSWER IS A LEMON--A meaningless reply.
ANTE UP--A surrender.
ANT-ORCHIS--An Australian orchid.
ANZAC--Contraction of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
ANZAC BUTTON--Makeshift for trousers' button.
ANZAC STEW--Foul water.
ANZAC WAFER--Hard and flavourless biscuit.
APPLE-SCENTED GUM--Species of eucalyptus.
APPLE TREES--Names applied to various indigenous trees.
ASH--Name applied to Australian woods.
ASTHMA HERB--A Queensland plant.
AUSSIE--Contraction of Australia
AUSTRAL THRUSH--A bird of the thrush species; found in N.S.W.
AUSTRALIA--Literally, southern land.
AWAKE--To know all.
A.W.L.--Absent without leave.
AXE-BREAKER--Name of hardwood tree.


BAAL--Aboriginal term expressing disgust or disapproval.
BACK-BLOCKS--The Far West.
BACK OUT--Impertinent answer.
BACKER--One who bets.
BACK IN ONE'S CART--To intrude.
BACK OUT--To retreat from a difficulty.
BACK UP--To bet higher.
BAGS--A big quantity.
BAIL--Arrangement for confining cow's head.
BANDICOOT--A small marsupial animal differing from the Kangaroo
           in many ways, particularly in tail (which resembles the rat).
BANJO--A shovel.
BANKER, RUNNING A--River overflowing its banks.
BANTAM--A hot-tempered person.
BARCOO-GRASS--Pasture grass; common in Queensland.
BARGE IN--Intrude; approach.
BARGER--An uninvited guest.
BARRACK--To jeer.
BASH--To hit.
BAT--Tool used in "Two-up."
BATHURST BURR--Small Australian plant; also an annoying person.
BEAK--A magistrate.
BEAL--Aboriginal drink.
BEANO--A feast.
BEAT IT--Move off quickly.
BEAT UP--To give a thrashing.
BEEF IT OUT--To exclaim in a loud voice.
BEER-SWIPER--An inebriate.
BEER-UP--A drinking bout.
BELL-BIRD--So-called from resemblance of its notes to tinkle of bell.
BELL-TOPPER--Tall silk hat.
BIDDY-BIDDY--Kind of burr.
BIFF--To strike hard.
BIG SUGAR--Big money.
BIG WIG--An authoritative person.
BILLABONG--Channel coming from river and returning.
BILLY--Bushman's kettle.
BINGY--The stomach.
BINT--A woman.
BIRD--Quaint person.
BIRD, TO GET THE--To be greeted derisively.
BITE--To ask for a loan.
BITE HIS LUG--To cadge.
BLACK SWAN--A large black aquatic bird of the duck family with
            very heavy body and exceptionally long neck.
BLACK-TRACKER--Aboriginal used to track criminals.
BLIM' MY--Exclamation.
BLINKER--A black eye.
BLITHERED--Foolishly drunk.
BLITHERER--Annoying person.
BLOKE--An adult male.
BLOODY--An expletive; distasteful.
BLOW--To boast.
BLUBBER--To cry.
BLUDGER--A man who lives upon the proceeds of prostitution.
BLUEBELL--Tasmanian flower.
BLUE-GUM--Species of gum tree.
BLUES--Out of sorts.
BLUEY--A blue blanket; a swag.
BLUFF-STAKES--Deceitful attempt to convince.
BOBBY--A policeman.
BOKO--The nose.
BONZER--The best; good.
BOOB--A prison.
BOOKIE--Abbreviation of bookmaker.
BOOMERANG--A curved or angular wooden weapon used as a missile
           by the Australian aboriginals.
BOOZE--Alcoholic drink.
BORER--Destructive insect.
BORONIA--Genus of fragrant plant.
BOSKER--Good; first class.
BOSS COCKIE--Australian farmer.
BOTT--Person who borrows.
BOUNDARY RIDER--Station hand who keeps fences in order.
BOUQUET--A compliment.
BOWYANGS--Straps or string tied below the knee outside the trousers,
          to give the leg freedom.
BOX-ON--A brawl; to resume.
BREAK-IT--Win money when destitute.
BREAK THE ICE--To start.
BREEZE-UP--To be afraid.
BROADS--A pack of cards.
BROLGA--A bluish-grey bird of the crane specie, with very long legs.
BROLLY--An umbrella.
BRUMBY--A wild horse with long matted mane and tail and of ill-breeding.
BUCK--To resist.
BUCK-JUMPER--A horse when apeing the contortionist and
             vigorously leaping, from place to place at the same time.
BUCK UP--To gain courage.
BUFFER--An elderly person.
BULLY--A braggard.
BUMMER--A cadger.
BUMPER--Butt of cigarette.
BUN, TO TAKE THE--Ironically win the prize.
BUNDLE, TO DROP THE--To show cowardice.
BUNG--Cheese; also a Publican.
BURL--To try anything.
BUSHRANGER--Robber who ranges the bush.
BUST, ON THE--To run wild.
BUSTARD--In colour and in shape of head distinct from the Wild
         Turkey. The Bustard lives in the scrub, the Wild Turkey on the plains.
BUTCHER BIRD--Name given the family of Australian shrikes,
              distinguished for their habit of hanging prey to "ripen,"
              and for their powers of song.
BUTT IN--To intrude.
BUTTINSKI--An intruding person.
BUZZ-OFF--To go away.


CAGMAG--Scraps of food.
CAMP OUT--To sleep in the open.
CARPET-SNAKE--Large, beautifully coloured snake.
CASER--Five shillings.
CAT, TO WHIP THE--To regret.
CATTLE-DUFFER--One who steals cattle.
CEDAR--A valuable species of timber.
CHALK IT--To book credit.
CHEW IT OVER--To contemplate.
CHIVVY--The face.
CHOCK AND LOG FENCE--A wooden fence built with parallel logs,
                     and wooden chocks between, at right angles to the logs.
CHOKE OFF--To get rid on
CHOP--To exchange articles; to divide.
CHOW--A Chinese.
CHUCK--To throw.
CHUCK IN--To contribute.
CHUCK UP--To give in.
CHUMP--A simpleton.
CICADA--An insect erroneously called locust.
CLICK--To contract.
CLINCH--To agree.
CLINER--A young girl.
CLOBBER--Suit of clothes.
CLOUT--A hard blow.
COBBER--A friend.
COCKATOO--A white parrot with a handsome crest of orange or yellow tinge.
COCK EYE--A squint.
COME DOWN--A disappointment.
CONE--The nose.
COO-EE--A bush call.
COOT--A contemptible person.
COPPER--A policeman.
CORKER--Proficient person.
CORNSTALK--Young Australian.
COTTON ON TO--To become friendly.
COUNT, TO TAKE THE--To remain prostrate.
COVE--An individual.
COW LICK--A tuft of hair.
CRABBED IT--To spoil.
CRACK HARDY--To suppress feelings.
CRACK UP--To become exhausted.
CRIB--A house.
CRIB--To steal; a home.
CRIKEY--Exclamation of astonishment.
CROAK--To die.
CROAKER--A complainer.
CROCODILE--A four-footed reptile, with long flat head and very large
           mouth displaying many teeth, sunken eyes, nose slightly turned up.
CROOK SPIN--Run of bad luck.
CROPPER--A fall.
CRUELLED THE PITCH--To upset arrangements.
CURLEW--Bush bird, with depressing note, of the snipe family, but
        large size for a member of that group. Long legs, bill turned downwards.
CUT IT OUT--To dispense with.


DAG--A funny fellow.
DAGO--An Italian.
DAMPER--Bread cooked in the ashes.
DARLING PEA--Australian plant found in the west of N.S.W.
DARLING SHOWER--A dust storm in Riverina.
DASH--An ejaculation expressing annoyance.
DASH IT--Exclamation of annoyance.
DEAD-BEAT--A derelict.
DEAL IT OUT--Administer punishment.
DEANER--A shilling.
DEEP SINKER--A large vessel made of glass, metal or other substance
             used to drink out of.
DERRY--To have a grudge.
DIAL--The face.
DIAMOND SNAKE--Venomous reptile.
DICKEN--To express doubt.
DICKEY--Shirt front.
DIDDLE--To cheat.
DINGBATS--To be annoyed; D.T.'s.
DING-DONG GO--A good fight.
DIGGER--A gold miner; an Australian soldier.
DINGO--A wild dog found in Australia. It has a wolf-like face, bushy
       tail and usually a reddish-brown colour.
DINKUM--Fair and honest.
DINKY-DI--Integrity; reputable.
DIRTY LEFT--A formidable hit.
DISH IT OUT--To serve roughly.
DIVVY--A portion.
DIZZY LIMIT--The utmost degree
DODGE--To evade.
DO IN--To defraud.
DOLLAR--Five shillings.
DOLLOP--A lump of matter.
DOLL UP--To dress fashionably.
DONE UP--Exhausted; overdressed.
DOOKS--The hands.
DOSS--To sleep.
DOUSE--To wet; extinguish.
DOWN SOUTH--To put away.
DRAFT--To class cattle.
DRAY--A cart.
DRUM--A brothel.
DUD--A failure.
DUFFER--A fool.
DUGONG--Genus of marine mammals inhabiting North Australian Coast.
DUMPER--A curling breaker.
DUNNO--Do not know.
DUNNYKEN--A closet.


'EADING--Playing "two-up."
EAGLEHAWK--Australian species of Uroaetus, a large bird.
EDGE--To withdraw.
ELEPHANT'S BACK, ON THE--Getting the best.
'ELL FOR LEATHER--At top pace.
EMU--A large non-flying ground bird.
END UP--To stand up.
EUCALYPTOL--Oil extracted from Eucalyptus tree.
EUCALYPTUS--The gum tree. There are 120 species.
EYE-FULL--Have a look.


FADE AWAY--To depart.
FAG--A cigarette.
FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP--Just treatment.
FAIR GO--Just treatment.
FED UP--Disgusted.
FELL TO THE JOKE--To be taken in.
FIFTY-FIFTY--Equal share.
FIRE STICK--Lighted stick carried by aboriginals.
FIVES--The fists.
FIZGIG--Police informer.
FLABBERGAST--To astonish.
FLAME--A sweetheart.
FLANNEL FLOWER--Small white flower, abundant in N.S.W.
FLAPPER--A brazen girl.
FLARE UP--A row.
FLASH--Showy; smart.
FLAT--A fool.
FLAT FEET--Policemen.
FLATHEAD--Australian name for species of salt-water fish.
FLOATING 'EM--A "two-up" term.
FLOORED--Knocked down.
FLUFF--A female.
FLUKE--To be lucky.
FLUTTER--To give a trial.
FLY--Wide awake; smart.
FLYING FOX--A very large fruit-eating bat with a fox-like face.
FOOT, ME--Ridiculous.
FORE OUT--To pay.
FOWL--Old woman; obnoxious women.
FRAME-UP--Dubious methods.
FREE-SELECTION--Land taken up under certain laws.
FREE-SELECTOR--One who takes up Crown land.
FRESH-WATER PERCH--Tasmanian fish.
FROG--A policeman; a note.
FUDGE--To cheat.
FULL UP--Sick of.
FUNK--To be afraid.
FURPHY--Wild rumour.


GALAH--The rose-breasted cockatoo.
GAME, IN THE--To be one of the affluent.
GAMMON--To deceive.
GANGER--Boss of navvies.
GAWKY--Awkward person.
GAZOB--A foolish person.
GEEBUNG--Aboriginal name for small native plum.
GEEWHIZZ--Expressing surprise.
GET, TO DO A--A hurried departure.
GIBBER--A rock.
GIBBER-GUNYAH--Aboriginal home in cave.
GILL-BIRD--Another name for Wattle Bird.
GIN--Aboriginal woman.
GINK--A peculiar fellow.
GIVE IT A GO--To make an attempt.
GIZZARD--The heart.
GLASSY EYE--A cold stare.
GLUE-POT--A bad road.
GOANNA--A large lizard, varying in size and colour. It lives both
        above and below the ground and in trees. Many are capable of swallowing
        a live 'possum.
GOAT--A fool.
GO HIM--To want to fight.
GOIN' STIFF 'UNS--Thieving from inebriates.
GOODO--All right.
GOO-GOO EYES--Affectionate glance.
GOOLEY--A stone.
GOOSE--Foolish person.
GO THE WHOLE PILE--To risk everything.
GRAB--To seize.
GRASSHOPPER--A leaping, grass-feeding insect varying from less
             than an inch to two inches in length, with spare body
             and very long wings and legs.
GREEN--Inexperienced person.
GREY NURSE SHARK--Type of Australian shark.
GROGGY--Reeling; dazed.
GROUCH--A complaint.
GROUSE--Something good.
GUFF--Foolish talk.
GULLY--A shallow valley.
GUM--Popular name for trees of the genus Eucalyptus.
GUMMY--Species of shark with small teeth.
GUM TREE--Variety of Eucalyptus.
GUN--Tobacco pipe.
GUNYAH--A blackfellow's humpy, built of bark, sometimes around a tree, but
        not always, tapering from a peak at the top to a bell-shape at the
GUY--A person.
GUY, TO DO A--To retreat.


HALF-A-WHEEL--2s. 6d.
HANDIES, PLAYING--Sweethearts holding hands
HAND OUT--To give.
HANGER ON--Unwanted person.
HANG OFF--To stand aside; refuse.
HANG-OVER--The remnants of a feast.
HARD LINES--Bad luck.
HARD UP--Destitute.
HASH--A common food.
HATTER--A solitary person.
HAWKER--Door-to-door traveller.
HEAD--A person of authority.
HEAD SERANG--The master.
HITCHED--To be married.
HOLDIN'--Possessing money.
HOMESTEAD--Dwelling on a station.
HONEY-EATER--Australian bird which absorbs honey from flowers.
HOOKED--Having enticed a young lady.
HOP OFF--To run away.
HOT 'UN--Something unusual; an unlikely story.
HUMDINGER--A proficient person.
HUMP, TO--To carry a burden.
HUMPY--Bush hut.
HUNK--A piece of anything.
HUT--A small bush home.


IBIS--A specie of heron, about two feet long, with long, slender,
      downwardly curved bill like that of a curlew, with which don't confuse.
IMSHEE--To go away.
INKED--To be drunk.
INTRO.--Abbreviation of introduction.
IRONBARK--Genus of Eucalyptus.
IT, TO BE--To be in authority.
IVY, NATIVE--An Australian variety of ivy.


JAB--A smart punch.
JACKAROO--A young man learning station work.
JACK THE PAINTER--Strong bush tea.
JACKY WINTER--Vernacular name of the Brown Fly-Catcher Bird.
JAKE--All right; in order.
JANE--A woman.
JAW-BREAKER--Excessively long word.
JEW-FISH--Name applied to species of Sciaena antarticia.
JIFF--A brief period.
JIMMY--An immigrant. Word now obsolete.
JIMMY WOODSER--One who drinks alone.
JINKER--Contrivance for carrying wood in bush.
JOB, TO--To attack; to strike.
JOHN--A policeman.
JOINT--Establishment, house, or place.
JO-JO--A hairy-faced person.
JOKE, TO BE IN THE--To have knowledge of a scheme.
JOLT--A sharp punch.
JUMBUCK--Aboriginal name for sheep.
JUMPER--Mining term. One who jumps a claim.


KANAKA--Labourer from South Sea Islands.
KANGAROO--A marsupial animal about five feet long including the
          tail, with small head, large ears, very long and powerful hind
          legs, and a long, thick tail.
KANGAROO DOG--A greyhound, or any class of dog used in hunting Kangaroos.
KAURI--A yellow valuable wood.
KEEK--To have a look.
KELPIE--A short-haired, pricked-eared, medium-sized Australian-bred
        dog, with a strain of dingo blood in him.
KERSPLOSH--To fall heavily.
KICK--To protest.
KICK BACK--To return the buying of a drink; to raise a bet.
KICK OFF--To commence.
KICK the BUCKET--To die.
KID--A child; to deceive.
KID STAKES--To pretend.
KINGFISHER--English bird-name; there are thirteen Australian species.
KING HIT--The winning blow in a fight.
KIPSIE--A dwelling.
KNOCK DOWN--An introduction.
KNOCKED-OUT DROPS--Drugged drink.
KNOCKED-UP--Tired out.
KNOCK 'EM OVER--Buy drinks quickly.
KNUCKLE-DUSTER--Big finger ring.
KNUT--A flash person.
K.O.--Knock-out blow.
KOALA--Aboriginal name for native bear.
KURRAJONG--Aboriginal name for various-plants.


LAD--A humorous fellow.
LAG--To delay.
LAND THE MUSTARD--To win money.
LARK--A practical joke.
LARRIKIN--A rowdy, ill-mannered youth.
LASH--To strike.
LAUGHING JACKASS--A Kingfisher about the size of a crow and having the
                  upper parts dull brown and the under parts dirty white.
LAY OFF--To rest.
LEATHER JACKET--A small, tough-skinned fish.
LEERY--A common person.
LEG IN--To get a start.
LEG PULLING--To deceive; make-believe.
LET DRIVE--To strike at.
LICE--To defeat.
LID--A hat.
LIGHT HORSE--Australian Cavalry.
LIGHTS--The eyes.
LINE UP--To accost.
LISTENER--The ear.
LIZARD--Australian reptile.
LOB, TO--To arrive; to strike.
LOCUST--Erroneous name for Cicada.
LOLLIES--Sweets, candies, frequently in glass jars when displayed for sale.
LOLLY, IT IS A--Easy to deceive.
LONG-HEADED--Calculating person.
LONG-SLEEVER--An elongated glass.
'LOO--Woolloomooloo, suburb of Sydney.
LOSE YER BLOCK--To get annoyed.
LOUSY--Mean; dirty.
LUBRA--An adult female Australian aboriginal.
LUMME--A mild oath.
LURK--A scheme.
LYRE-BIRD--An Australian bird about the size of the English grouse,
           having sixteen tail feathers very long, and when spread during
           courtship arranged in the form of a lyre.


MACKEREL--A species of fish; plentiful in coastal waters.
MADO--A Sydney fish Therepon cuvieri.
MAD MICK--A pick.
MAFEESH--The finish (Arab.).
MAG--To talk; scold.
MAGPIE--Black-and-white Crow-Shrike bird.
MAGSMAN--A talkative person; a deceiver.
MAHOGANY--Name applied to various hardwood trees.
MAKE TRACKS--To proceed; to go away.
MALLEE--Species of Eucalyptus; Mallee country.
MARK, A GOOD--Easy to impose upon.
MARSUPIAL--An animal in which the female has abdominal pouch for
           carrying young.
MASHED--To be in love.
MATILDA--Bushman's swag.
MAUL--To pull about.
MEET--An appointment.
MICKY--An unbranded, uncastrated calf approximating a year in age.
MILL--A strenuous fight.
MILLET--A hardy grass.
MISSED THE 'BUS--To be left behind.
MIX IT--To fight violently.
MIZZLE--To leave hurriedly.
MO.--Contraction of moment and moustache.
MOB--Group of larrikins; flock of sheep.
MOKE--A poor horse.
MOLL--A dissolute woman.
MONKEY--To play with anything; to prank; £ 50.
MONKIES--A bush term for sheep.
MOOCH--To wander aimlessly.
MOONEY--To be foolish.
MOPOKE--Aboriginal name for bird with weird metallic call.
MUCK UP--To play the fool; to spoil.
MUG--A silly person; the face.
MUG, TO--To fondle affectionately.
MULGA--Scrub in Far West.
MULLOCK, TO POKE--To deride.
MURRAY COD--Species of cod found in that river.
MUSLIN, BIT OF--A woman.
MUSSELS--Freshwater oysters. A shell-fish frequenting the rivers and
         creeks in Australia.
MYALL--An acacia tree, the wood of which is hard and well-grained.


NARDOO--Sporocarp of plant used by aboriginals as food.
NARK--An obstinate man; an informer.
NARK, TO--To cause annoyance.
NATIVE BEAR--A small marsupial animal with grey fur and full
             expressive face (see KOALA).
NATIVE CAT--Distinguishable from the domestic animal by its head,
            which is rat shaped, while its snout is narrow.
NECK, TO GET IT IN THE--To receive a reverse; punishment.
NEDDY--A horse.
NEVER-NEVER--The outback.
NEW CHUM--Any person from abroad unacquainted with Australian
          life and customs.
NICE--Physical fitness.
NINE'S, DRESSED UP TO THE--Showy attire.
NIPPER--A child.
NIX--A warning; nothing.
NOAH'S ARE--A park.
NOBBLER--Glass of alcohol.
NOBBLERISE--To drink frequently.
NOSE AROUND--To be inquisitive.
NOSEY--To be inquisitive.
NULLAH NULLAH--A kind of hardwood club used by the Australian


OATS, WILD--An indigenous grass.
OH I SAY--Exclamation of surprise.
O.K.--In order.
OLD CHUM--Experienced person.
OLD DUTCH--A wife.
OLD MAN--Father; boss.
ONKUS--Unpleasant; absurd.
ON THE SHELF--A spinster.
OUT--To be unconscious.
OUT, ALL--Exhausted; determined.
OUTER, ON THE--To be poor; to be outside.
OUT-RUN--Distant part of a sheep station.
OVERLANDER--A drover of stock.
OVER THE ODDS--Exorbitant.


PACK-HORSE--Horse that carries material.
PACK, TO GO TO THE--To fall away; to collapse.
PADDOCK--A field enclosed by a fence.
PADDYMELON--Small species of wallaby.
PADDYWHACK--A beating.
PANNIKIN--Small drinking vessel.
PARD--A friend.
PARRAKEET--Small type of parrot.
PASS ONE--To deliver a punch.
PAT, ON ONE'S--Acting alone.
PATRIOT--Cynical term for convict.
PEACH--Something good; a nice girl.
PEE-WEE--Name used in N.S.W. for Magpie Lark.
PELICAN--A very large bird, with a very large bill, and distensible
         gular pouch.
PERISH, DOING A--To shiver; to be cold.
PETER--Cash box.
PETER OUT--To become exhausted.
PHIZ--The face.
PICCANINNY--A baby, or very young Australian aboriginal.
PICK UP, TO--To join anyone.
PIG'S EAR--Beer.
PIKE--Australian name for species of salt-water fish.
PIKER--A thief.
PILE IT ON--To exaggerate.
PILOT--A clergyman.
PINCH--To thieve.
PIP, GOT THE--To be despondent.
PITCH A TALE--Tell an untruth.
PLANT--To hide.
PLATYPUS--Remarkable indigenous animal forming a link between
          bird and beast.
PLUG--To strike.
PLUG ALONG--To move with determination.
PLUNGE--A big bet.
POINT--Sensitive portion of the jaw.
POINT, TO--Take advantage; to contrive unfairly.
POKE--A collar.
POLISH OFF--To finish.
POMMY--English immigrant.
PONY--£ 25.
PORCUPINE--A rather large rodent with spiked quills and which
           feeds chiefly upon bark, leaves and ants.
PORT JACKSON SHARK--Shark abounding around N.S.W. coast.
'POSSUM--A marsupial animal living in hollow trees, about two and
         half feet long, including the tail. The fur is chiefly greyish
         mixed with whitish hair.
POT--A sum of money.
POT, OLD--Father, elderly person.
PRICKLY PEAR--Noxious weed.
PRINCE ALBERTS--Rags or bandages used by a swagman or sundowner around
                his feet in place of socks.
PROP--A horse stopping suddenly.
PUG.--Abbreviation for pugilist.
PULL, TO TAKE A--To become wise; to refrain.
PULLING A HORSE--To prevent a horse from winning a race.
PUNTER--One who bets, chiefly on racehorses.
PUSH--A crowd of larrikins.
PUT IT OVER--To convince; tell a lie.
PUT WISE--To be informed.
PYTHON--A genus of large snakes.


QUANDONG--Aboriginal name for tree with small bluish-red fruit.
QUEEN--Effeminate person.
QUEER THE PITCH--To frustrate; to upset arrangements.
QUID--A sovereign.
QUOLL--Aboriginal name for native cat.


RAG--A newspaper.
RAG, TO CHEW THE--To grieve; to be melancholy.
RAG, TO SKY THE--To surrender.
RAIN, TO KEEP OUT OF THE--To avoid danger.
RATTLED--Confused, annoyed.
READY UP--A fake.
RED BREAM--Name given to young schnapper.
RED GUM--Variety of Eucalyptus.
REDHEAD--N.S.W. name for the bird Aegintha temporalis.
RED LOT--Gold watch and chain.
RED 'OT--Unfair; extreme.
RIBUCK--Expression of assent.
RIGHTO--Exclamation of consent.
RIGHT OIL--The truth; to be informed.
RILE--To annoy.
RINGBARK--To cut bark around the trunk so as to kill it.
RINGER--The quickest shearer.
RING IN--False.
RING, THE DEAD--Similar; a likeness.
ROLL--A number of notes.
ROPEABLE--Wild; annoyed.
RORTY--a rowdy.
ROUGH SPIN--Bad luck.
ROUSE--To upbraid.
ROUSEABOUT--Jack-of-all-trades on a sheep station.
RUB OUT--To disqualify.
RUN FOR THE MONEY--To be treated fairly.


SALT-BUSH--Alkaline herb growing in interior.
SALT JUNK--Corned beef.
SANDY-BLIGHT--Kind of ophthalmia.
SAVVY--Pidgin English meaning "do you understand?"
SCAB--Non-union labourer.
SCALER--A fraud.
SCHNAPPER--Good-eating Australian fish.
SCHOOL--Gathering of gamblers.
SCOOT--To clear out; also continued bout of drunkenness.
SCRAG--To pull about.
SCRAP--A fight.
SCREW, TO--Extort.
SCRUB--Country overgrown with thick bushes.
SCUT--A mean person.
SET--To be satisfied.
SET AGAINST--To dislike a person.
SET BACK--A reverse.
SETTLE, TO--To ruin.
SETTLER--One who takes up land.
SET, TO--To brawl; to make arrangements.
SHAG--A black-and-white bird which lives mostly on fish.
SHANTY--Rudely built hut.
SHARK--A trickster.
SHEILA--A young lady.
SHICER--Unproductive mine; a trickster.
SHICKER--To drink.
SHINDY--A row.
SHOOK ON--To be friendly.
SHORT OF A GALLOP--Out of condition.
SHOT--To be drunk.
SHOUT--To buy a drink.
SHOVEL-NOSE--Species of shark.
SINKER--A drunkard.
SIR GARNEO, ALL--Excellent.
SKIRT--A girl.
SKITE--To boast.
SKY THE WIPE--Surrender; to cry enough.
SLAB--A piece.
SLATS--The ribs.
SLIP-RAIL--Part of a fence so fitted that it can be removed.
SLOG--To hit heavily.
SLOPE--To depart.
SLOPPY--Sentimental; maudlin.
SLUSH-LAMP--Bush lamp.
SLUSHY--A kitchen hand.
SMOOGE--To cringe; to fawn.
SMOOGER--One who fawns.
SNACK--A frugal meal.
SNAKE JUICE--Strong drink.
SNOB--A bootmaker.
SNOUT--To regard unfavourably.
SNUFF--To die.
SOCK IT IN--To administer severe punishment.
SOOL--To incite.
SORE, TO GET--To become annoyed.
SOUR, TO GET--To become discontented.
SOUTHERN CROSS--A constellation used as symbol of Australia.
SPARE ME DAYS--Ejaculation of surprise.
SPARROW HAWK--In colour like the sparrow, in shape and build like the
              ordinary hawk, and in size very little larger than a crow.
SPAR, TO--To delay.
SPLITTING--Cutting timber.
SPOTTED--To be seen.
SPOUT--To be talkative.
SPRUIKER--A speaker.
SQUATTER--A grazier
SQUEAK--To inform.
SQUIB--A coward.
SQUIRT--A revolver.
SQUIZ--A hurried look
STAND IN--To make one of a party.
STAND OFF--To keep out.
STATION--A sheep run and homestead.
STICK, TO--To stand by; to support.
STIFF--To be unlucky.
STINK--A quarrel.
STOCK-HORSE--Horse used in driving cattle.
STOCKMAN--One who drives stock.
STOCK-WHIP--A long, plaited thong on a diminutive handle.
STONKERED--To be very drunk.
STOP ONE--To take a drink.
STOUCH--A fight; to assault.
STRENGTH OF IT--To learn the details.
STRETCH--A term of imprisonment.
'STRUTH--An exclamation.
SWAG--A tramp's bundle.
SWAGMAN--A tramp.
SWELL--Showy person.
SWIG--To have a drink.
SWINGIN' THE HEAD--To impose; making excuses.
SWIPE--A blow.
SYDNEY OR THE BUSH--All or nothing.


TABBY--A girl.
TACKLE--To fight.
TAKE 'EM ON--Engage in fight.
TAKING THE KNOCK--To avoid payment.
TAKE DOWN--To defraud.
TAKE A TUMBLE--To be aware of.
TASMANIAN DEVIL--A carnivorous burrowing marsupial, with a coarse,
                 mostly jet black fur, and about the size of a badger.
TENNER--A ten-pound note.
TERAGLIN--Aboriginal name for a N.S.W. fish.
THROW IN THE MARBLE--To relinquish.
THROWING STICK--Aboriginal weapon.
TIGHT--Mean; drunk.
TIME, TO DO--Term of imprisonment.
TIN-PLATE--A mate.
TIPSTER--Professional racecourse gambler.
TOGGED--Smartly dressed.
TOP OFF--To finish.
TORTOISE--Reptile (chelonia order) with body protected by a shell.
TOUCH, TO--To borrow.
TOUGH LUCK--Misfortune.
TOUT--A spy.
TOWNSHIP--A small town.
TRACK WITH--To associate in love affairs.
TRAWLER--Police patrol van.
TRAY BIT--Threepenny piece.
TREAT--To buy for a person.
TUCKERBAG--The bag in which the Sundowner carries his rations.
TUG--A rogue.
TURNED DOWN--Rejected.
TURN UP--Good luck.
TURTLE--A shell-back reptile of Chelonia order. Found in Australia.
TWICER--A deceitful fellow.
TWISTER--Undependable person.


UMBRELLA-BUSH--A small bushy tree used for hedges.
UMPTEEN--An indefinite number.
UPPER CUT--An upward blow.
UP THE SPOUT--In trouble.
UP TO PUTTY--No good.
UP TO US--Our duty.
URGER--A fraudulent race follower.


VAG, ON THE--Liable under the Vagrancy Act.


WAD--A number of notes.
WADDY--Aboriginal war implement.
WAGTAIL--A small black bird with occasional white feathers, long and
         fan-shaped tail, which it habitually jerks about.
WALLABY--Small type of Kangaroo. There are many species.
WALLABY, ON THE--Carrying the swag.
WALLAROO--Aboriginal name for large black Kangaroo.
WALLOP--A hard hit.
WARATAH--Bright crimson flower about three inches in diameter;
         emblematic of Australia.
WARRIGAL--Aboriginal word meaning dog, also wild.
WASHOUT--A failure.
WATTLE--Species of Acacia. The national flower.
WAYBACK--An Australian resident living far removed from townships
         and not versed in city customs.
WELL IN--Affluent; wealthy
WELSHER--A fraudulent bookmaker.
WELTER, TO MAKE IT--To be excessive.
WET, TO GET--Become annoyed.
WHACK--Sufficiency of drink
WHIP THE CAT--To regret.
WILD TURKEY--A fawn-coloured bird, with full throat, resembling the domestic turkey in shape, with flesh equally palatable.
WILLY-WILLY--Aboriginal name for whirlwind.
WIND-BAG--Talkative person
WISE-HEAD--A knowing individual.
WISE, TO GET--Aware of.
WOMBAT--A burrowing marsupial with thick heavy body, short legs, rudimentary tail and in general form resembling a small bear.
WOMERAH--Aboriginal name for a throwing stick.


YABBY--A small burrowing crawfish, found in most creeks and water-holes
       in Australia
YACKER--Hard work.
YARRAH--Aboriginal name for species of Eucalyptus.



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