A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities/Appendix

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A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities  (1890) 
by Various Authors, edited by William Smith

Appendix The whole of Volume II. was in type, and Volume I. already published, when the tract ascribed to Aristotle on the Athenian Constitution first appeared. The following Appendix shows the principal points on which the conclusions arrived at in the Dictionary require to be modified, if that authority is followed, and also supplies references to several passages of the treatise which support opinions already expressed. In the first part of the Appendix, which bears on articles in Volume I., Dr. Hager is responsible for the notes on Civitas, Eisangelia, Emmenoi Dikai, Endeixis, Epitropus, Eponymus, Euthyne, Exomosia, Exsilium, Heres, Jusjurandum; Mr. Wayte for the remainder. As regards the notes which refer to articles in Volume II., Dr. Hager is responsible for those on Nomos, Paranoias Dike, Prostates tou Demou, Psephus, Seisachtheia; Mr. Wayte for those on Sitophylaces, Synegorus, Tamias, Tettaraconta, Tribus, Trieropoei; Mr. Marindin for the remainder. The additional notes from the Appendix have been inserted into the text of this edition, at the end of the articles to which they refer, under the heading (Appendix.)