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'ALl (J^). The son of Abu-Talib, and a cousin-german to Muhammad, who adopted him as his son. He married Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad, and had by her three sons, Hasan. Husain, and Muhassin. He was the fourth Khalifah, and reigned from a.h. 3.5 to a.h. 40. He was struck with a poisoned sword by Ibn jNIuljam, at al-Kufah, and died after three days, aged fifty-nine years. The Shi-ahs hold that, on the death of Muhammad, 'AH was entitled to the Khalifate, and the resiDCctive claims of Abu Bakr, 'Umar.and 'U.smrm on the one hand, and of 'All on the other, gave rise to the Shi'ah schism. 'All is surnamed by the Arabs Asadu Hldh, and by the Persians Sher-i- Khudd, i.e. " The Lion of God." [shi'ah.]