A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Aaron (II)

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AARON. A king of the Lamanites, who reigned in the first half of the fourth century A. C, and who figured in the last great war between that people and the Nephites. We have no account, in the sacred record, of who he was or how he became king. He is mentioned twice by name in the Book of Mormon. Once in the year A. C. 330, when he with an attacking army of 44,000 was defeated by Mormon with 42,000 men, and again an incidental statement is made in the second epistle of Mormon to his son Moroni, of the horrible fate of certain ones who had fled to the army of Aaron. As this last named circumstance appears to have taken place some considerable time after the battle above mentioned, it is presumable that he ruled his people for a lengthy period. It is only reasonable to judge that the king of such a people as the Lamanites then were, would be a type of the race— brutal, bloodthirsty and merciless.