A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Amlici

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AMLICI. The first Nephite, in the days of the Judges, who sought to overturn the republic and establish a monarchy, (B. C. 86). Amlici's ambition was to be king of the Nephites, but the people having rejected his pretensions by their votes, his followers consecrated him king. He then raised an army to sustain his claims. A battle was fought near the hill Amnihu on the east of the river Sidon, between his forces and those of the Nephites, commanded by Alma, the younger. The battle was a hotly contested one, in which twelve thousand, five hundred and thirty-two Amlicites and six thousand, five hundred and sixty-two Nephites were slain. The next day the defeated Amlicities joined a body of invading Lamanites in the land Minon, where they unitedly ravaged the country. Alma's troops followed the invaders and met them at one of the crossings of the river Sidon. Another desperate battle ensued, during which Alma met Amlici in single combat and slew him. Amlici's followers were defeated and most of them fled to a portion of the northwest wilderness, known as Hermounts, were many died and were devoured by wild beasts. Amlici is represented as being a very cunning and worldly-wise man, and as belonging to the order of Nehor.