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AMMORON. A Nephite traitor and apostate. He was a descendant of Zoram, the servant of Laban, and the brother of Amalickiah, whom he succeeded on the Lamanite throne, (B. C. 66). He was slain by Teancum, the Nephite general, in the city of Moroni, and was succeeded by his son Tubaloth (B. C. 61).

Ammoron is not mentioned until the death of his brother; then we are told he left the land of Zarahemla, repaired to the land of Nephi, informed the widowed queen of her loss, and gathered a vast host of men to continue the war, especially on the western border. He determined to carry on hostilities with unabated vigor, for a time taking personal command in the west; but he does not appear to have possessed the military skill and genius of his brother, for during his reign the Nephites reconquered nearly all the territory and recaptured nearly all the cities that had been wrested from them by Amalickiah. Later on in the war, when the Lamanite invaders on the east coast had all been driven to the land of Moroni, Ammoron was with them, and it was in the city of that name that he was slain with a javelin by Teancum. Ammoron is brought most prominently before the reader of the Book of Mormon through the insertion of the correspondence that passed between him and Moroni regarding an exchange of prisoners of war. In this correspondence his character is very clearly shown, (Alma, chap, 54).