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ENOS. A Nephite prophet, the grandson of Lehi and Sariah. Enos, if not the leading spirit of the age among his people, was undoubtedly one of the most conspicuous and zealous servants of the Lord who ministered and prophesied to the early Nephites. The son of Jacob, the priest and historian of the colony, he succeeded his father in these sacred offices, and appears to have inherited his faith, gentleness and devotion. Of his personal life we have no particulars, but it is evident that he was a very aged man at the time of his departure from the scenes of mortality. His father, Jacob, was the elder of the two sons born to Lehi in the Asiatic wilderness, between the year 600 and 590 before Christ. We have no direct statement either of Enos' birth or the exact time of his death; all we know is that when he left this earth he gave the records and the sacred things associated therewith into the hands of his son Jarom, 180 years after Lehi left Jerusalem, or B. C. 421.