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GIDEON, CITY OF. An important city of the Nephites, situated in a valley of the same name on the eastern side of the river Sidon, and not far from the city of Zarahemla. (See land of Gideon.) It was named in memory of the aged patriarch, slain by Nehor. In B. C. 82, Alma, the High Priest, made this city a missionary visit, and set the Church therein in order, after which he returned to his home in Zarahemla. In B. C. 75, Korihor, the anti-Christ, visited Gideon, and for a short time taught his pernicious doctrines, but he was taken before the High Priest and Chief Judge of that land, examined, and sent over to Zarahemla, to be judged by Alma, the Chief Judge of all the Nephite lands. In B. C. 62, the king-men, under Pachus, drove Pahoran, the Chief Judge, out of Zarahemla, who established himself in Gideon, and issued a proclamation calling the people of the surrounding regions to arms. The patriots assembled at Gideon, where they were, ere long, joined by Moroni, the Nephite commander-in-chief, with a large force of volunteers, which he had gathered on his march from Bountiful. The united forces gave battle to Pachus, recaptured Zarahemla, and replaced Pahoran on the judgment seat.

In B. C. 6, Samuel, the Lamanite, pronounced a woe against the city of Gideon for the wickedness and abominations that were in her (Helaman 13:15), but we have no account of the manner of her destruction at the time of the crucifixion of the Redeemer.