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JONAS. The name of Jonas, the son of Nephi the Disciple, and himself a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, is but once mentioned in the Book of Mormon, and then only in the list of those chosen by the Messiah to form that august body, where it occupies the third place, coming next after Nephi his father, and Timothy his uncle, consequently all we can say of him is inferential. It is altogether probable that by following the virtuous examples of his eminent forefathers, he had rendered himself worthy of the glorious position to which the Savior called him, as among a generation who were all righteous, we cannot imagine that Jesus would select any but the most worthy and illustrious to be the teachers of the whole people and the heads of the Church. He was one of those of whom it was directly said by the angel to Nephi (the son of Lehi): "Behold they are righteous forever, for because of their faith in the Lamb of God, their garments are made white in His blood. "