A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Lachoneus, the younger

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LACHONEUS, THE YOUNGER. The last of the Nephite judges, probably the son of the preceding judge who bore the same name. He was assassinated in the year 30 A. C.

It is not entirely certain from the sacred record when Lachoneus, the younger, assumed the reins of government, but the idea seems to be conveyed that it was in the year 30 A. C. His dominion fell in perilous times. The people had ripened in iniquity and were ready for destruction. The prophets of God who raised their warning voices were slain by unjust judges and unscrupulous officers, and the laws were perverted and trampled under foot. When these corrupt rulers were called to account by the supreme authority at the capital, they set the laws at defiance, refused to answer, broke out in open rebellion, endeavored to establish a monarchy, and assassinated the chief judge.