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LAMONI. The Lamanite king of the land of Ishmael. He was the first of his race converted to Christianity by the sons of Mosiah. At the time of their coming (B. C. 91), he reigned under the supreme authority of his father, who was monarch of all the Lamanites. Lamoni appears to have ruled with severity, if not with cruelty, and his action in executing any of the servants having charge of his herds who permitted the royal cattle to be stolen, undoubtedly excited a spirit of discontent among his subjects. After his conversion his character appears to have entirely changed, and he became gentle, loving, patient and humble. The details of this conversion are given under the head of Ammon. After his change of heart he became the protector and chief pillar of the Church, which, through his zealous assistance, was established in the land of Ishmael. He accompanied Ammon to the land Middoni, and by his influence with Antiomno, the king of that region, he succeeded in releasing Aaron and the other Nephite missionaries, who had been held in prison there and so barbarously treated. (B. C. 86?) In later years, when the anger of the Nephite apostates and unconverted Lamanites was raging against the new-born disciples, Lamoni was trusted as a wise counselor, and the missionaries and others visited Ishmael to advise with him regarding the best course to pursue to protect the lives of the unoffending people of Anti-Lehi-Nephi. (B. C. 82.) Afterthis,we read no more of Lamoni, and we have no means of telling if he suffered martyrdom when so many of his fellow converts were slain, or whether he lived to accompany the fugitives who forsook their homes, threw themselves on the magnanimity of the Nephites, and found a resting place in Jershon.