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MORIANTON, CITY OF, The city built by Morianton in the land of the same name. After the settlement of the quarrel (B. C. 68), between its people and those of the land of Lehi, we next read that it was captured by the Lamanite armies under Amalickiah. (B. C. 67.) By B. C. 63 the Lamanites had made it a very strong place, and stationed a heavy garrison therein, with large quantities of provisions. In this year Moroni made preparations to recapture, it but whether he succeeded at that time, or not until later, is not clear from the record. We think it is probable that owing to the rebellion at Zarahemla, headed by Pachus, which demanded Moroni's presence there, that he did not retake Morianton until B. B. 61, when the neighboring city of Lehi was captured, and also all the other cities in the hands of the Lamanites, except Moroni. (Alma, chapter 62.)