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NEPHIHAH. The second chief judge of the Nephite republic. Of his birth and early life nothing is said, but at the time of his elevation to the chief judgeship he is called "a wise man who was among the elders of the church.” It appears that when Alma found the combined duties of chief judge and president of the church too excessive for one man to properly perform, he selected Nephihah as his successor in the first named office (B. C. 83) and that this selection was ratified by the voice of the people. The principal events that occurred among the Nephites during Nephihah's judgeship were:

The destruction of Ammonihah by the Lamanites (B. C. 81).

The Ammonites established in Jershon (B . C . 77).

The defection of the Zoramites and the invasion of the Lamanites under Zarahemnah (B.C. 74).

The rebellion under Amalickiah and the Lamanite attack on Ammonihah and Noah (B.C. 73).

Contention between the people of Lehi and Morianton (B. C. 68).

The years that Nephihah judged the Nephites were of great material progress. Many new cities were founded, and a wide stretch of country reclaimed from the wilderness. He passed away to the realms of the blest in B. C. 68, having, according to the sacred historian, "filled the judgment seat with perfect uprightness before God." Alma had such great confidence in him that he desired to intrust him with the sacred records. This honor and responsibility Nephihah declined, and Alma conferred these treasures upon his son Helaman. Nephihah was succeeded in the judgment seat by his son Pahoran.