A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Orihah

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ORIHAH. The youngest of Jared's four sons and the first king of the Jaredites. When Jared and his brother had grown old and desired to know the wishes of their people before they went down to their graves, the people desired to be ruled by a king. This idea was displeasing to their leaders, but they ultimately consented to one being chosen. All the sons of Jared and of his brother refused this dignity, until Orihah was reached and he accepted the kingly honor. He reigned in righteousness, executing judgment injustice, walking humbly before Heaven, and instructing his subjects in the ways of the Lord. He lived to a very great age, was the father of thirty-one children, twenty-three of whom were sons, and when he died he was succeeded on the throne by his son Kib. The Jaredites prospered and multiplied greatly under his wise and beneficent reign.