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PAHORAN, THE YOUNGER. At the death of Pahoran, the first Chief Judge of that name who ruled the Nephites, a contention arose among three of his sons (Pahoran, Paanchi, and Pacumeni,) as to which of them should succeed him. As is usual in such cases, each one had his followers, causing much dissension, trouble and confusion among the Nephites. (B. C. 52.) The question was decided by the votes of the citizens of the republic, who chose Pahoran to be chief judge and governor over the people of Nephi. In this decision Pacumeni acquiesced, but Paanchi raised the standard of revolt.

Pahoran retained the judgment seat but a very short time. He was foully assassinated, when in the execution of his duty, by one Kishkumen, a leader among the Gadianton robbers, and an adherent of the Paanchi faction. So speedy was the flight of the murderer, and so well was he disguised, that he was not captured.

These things all took place in the fortieth year of the Nephite judges, and Pacumeni was appointed to fill the place rendered vacant by the murder of Pahoran.

The only noteworthy event that took place during his short rule was the commencement of the organization of that terrible band, the Gadianton robbers.