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TIMOTHY. It is but little we are told in the Book of Mormon of the life or labors of this devoted servant of the Lord, this uncompromising preacher of righteousness. His days, before the coming of the Savior, were spent in proclaiming the saving truths of the Gospel, in declaring unto the Nephites that the kingdom of heaven was at hand, and in rebuking their constantly increasing depravity. His words cut like a two-edged sword, they laid bare the iniquities of their corrupt rulers and unjust judges, their seditious lawyers and idolatrous priests, as well as of the degraded rabble; he spared none whose deeds were evil. Angered at the unwelcome recital of their abounding crimes, the vile populace stoned him till he died, that they might no longer hear the sound of his reproving voice. But his work on earth was not yet finished; his brother Nephi, with the authority of the holy priesthood which he held, came to where the martyr lay, and in the power of Jesus' name, he raised Timothy from the dead. (A. C. 31.)

After the tribulations had ceased that marked the sacrifice of the Lord of life and glory, Nephi and Timothy, with many others, assembled at the Temple that was in the land Bountiful. There the Lord Jesus Christ appeared and ministered to them. He called Nephi to him, then eleven others, and gave them authority to baptize the people. Of these twelve, Timothy was one, and is mentioned next in order to his brother Nephi in the list given by the inspired historian.

After Jesus had chosen the Twelve, He commenced to teach the people the principles of the fulness of the Gospel. So He continued day by day until all was revealed, either to the multitude or to the Twelve, that was necessary for the eternal salvation of the obedient.

After the final departure of Jesus, the Disciples went forth in the midst of the people in the lands that had not been blessed with the personal visit of the Savior, to them they declared the glad message of life eternal; in the name of Jesus they baptized them, and by His authority they conferred the Holy Ghost. So abundantly and. so gloriously did the power of God rest with these servants of God, that they raised the dead, healed the sick, gave sight to the eyes of the blind and strength to the limbs of the lame; the deaf heard, the dumb spake, and all manner of miracles were performed, and all in the name of Jesus. Two years after His ascension, every part of the vast continent, where Nephite or Lamanite dwelt, had heard the message, and so abundant was the Disciples' success, that every soul was converted unto the Lord, and in their integrity to God they never faltered.

Timothy is not again mentioned by name in the Book of Mormon.