A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Zemnarihah

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ZEMNARIHAH. A chief captain of the armies of the Gadianton robbers who, in A. C. 21, came up on all sides in great force and laid siege to the people of Nephi. This system of warfare was, however, unsuccessful, as the Nephites, who were gathered with their flocks, herds, provisions, etc., into one land, had laid up large stores of provisions, while the robbers had to subsist upon the game they could kill in the wilderness. The Nephites, therefore, adopted a policy of constantly harrassing the robbers, making sorties by day and by night in unexpected places, and inflicting great loss upon the forces of Zemnarihah. The results of this policy grew so disastrous that the robbers ultimately changed their tactics and made an effort to reach the land northward, but being enfeebled by want of food they were not able to act with sufficient rapidity. The Nephite general, Gidgiddoni, being apprised of their intention, headed them off on the north and cut off their retreat on the south. Finding themselves hemmed in, the robbers capitulated, and those who did not do so were slain. Among the prisoners was Zemnarihah, whom the Nephites hung on the top of a tree until he was dead, after which the tree was felled to the earth. The robbers who had been captured were cast into prison, and by and by the word of God was preached to them. Those who repented and covenanted to murder and rob no more were liberated, while those who remained obdurate were punished according to their crimes.