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Popular Books on Astronomy

By Richard A. Proctor, F.R.A.S.

Half=Hours with the Stars

A Plain and Easy Guide to the Knowledge of the Constellations

Showing, in 12 maps, the position for the United States of the Principal Star Groups, night after night, throughout the year, with an introduction and separate explanation of each map.

True for every year. Maps and text especially prepared for American students.

4to. Boards, $2.00 net By mail, $2.20

This is an entirely new edition, with new plates, prepared expressly for American students, of a work which in its original London issue has attained exceptional popularity.

"No teacher who has the responsibility of instructing a class in astronomy can afford to be without it."—Chicago School Herald.

"A practical help to the student, and a valuable book of reference to the scholar."—Buffalo Express.

Easy Star Lessons

With 48 Star Maps and 35 other Illustrations.
8vo. $2.00 net By mail, $2.20

"Nothing so well calculated to give a rapid and thorough knowledge of the position of the stars in the firmament has ever before been designed or published."—Weekly Times.

The Stars

By Simon Newcomb

Retired Professor U. S. Navy

8vo. With Photogravure Frontispiece and 28 other lllustrations. No, 9 in the Science Series. (By mail, $2.20)
Net, $2.00

"The work is a thoroughly scientific treatise on stars. The name of the author is a sufficient guarantee of scholarly and accurate work."—Scientific American.

A Beginner's Star=Book

With Charts of the Moon, Star Maps on a New Plan, and an Easy Guide to the Astronomical Uses of the Opera-Glass, the Field-Glass, and the Telescope

By Kelvin McKready

Crown 8vo. Illustrations

While basing his book upon the best precedents, European and American, Mr. McKready takes the beginner directly to the objects of the sky without the employment of difficult technical detail. Just as a pleasurable knowledge of the flowers may precede a technical knowledge of botany, so—without appreciating the science of astronomy on its mathematical side—Mr. McKready is first of all concerned with the task of making the stars interesting. The book will be distinguished from other volumes on popular astronomy by a somewhat novel system of mapping, and by an unusually full discussion of the uses of the simpler astronomical instruments. Here too, however, the treatment is definite and practical. Questions of optical theory and construction are subordinated to the pointing out, by the author, of the objects that can be seen, and of the satisfactions that may be obtained, first with the unaided eye (the fundamental optical instrument), and then with the opera-glass, field-glass, and telescope.

An Easy Guide to the Constellations

With a Miniature Atlas of the Stars

By James Gall

Author of "The People's Atlas of the Stars," etc.

New and Enlarged Edition, with 30 Maps, 16mo, 75 cents net

This new edition of An Easy Guide to the Constellations has been thoroughly revised; five additional plates have been added, so as to include all the constellations of the Zodiac, and render the book complete for Southern Europe and the United States.

History of Astronomy

By George Forbes, M.A., F.R.S., M.Inst. C.E.

Formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy, Anderson's College, Glasgow

16mo, Adequately Illustrated Net 75 cents.
(By mail, 85 cents)

No. 1. A History of the Sciences Series

The author traces the evolution of intellectual thought in the progress of astronomical discovery, recognizing the various points of view in the different ages, giving due credit even to the ancients. It has been necessary to curtail many parts of the history, to lay before the reader in unlimited space enough about each age to illustrate its tone and spirit, the ideals of the workers, the gradual addition of new points of view and of new means of investigation.

The Volume is divided as follows:

The Geometrical Period—The Dynamical Period— Observation. The Physical Period

The Solar System

A Study of Recent Observations

By Prof. Charles Lane Poor

Professor of Astronomy in Columbia University

8vo, With Frontispiece in Photogravure, 6 Plates and 32 Cuts and Figures. No. 18, Science Series, Net, $2.00
(By mail, $2.20)

The subject is presented in untechnical language and without the use of mathematics. Professor Poor shows by what steps the precise knowledge of to-day has been reached and explains the marvellous results of modern methods and modern observations.

By William Tyler Olcott

Excellently arranged, and copiously illustrated, these little manuals—real field-books—should prove valuable for all who want to become familiar with the stars

A Field Book of the Stars

16mo, With Fifty Diagrams, $1,00 net (By mail, $1.10)

To facilitate the fascinating recreation of star-gazing the author has designed this field-book. All matters of a technical or theoretical nature have been omitted. Only what the reader can observe with the naked eye or with an opera-glass have been included in it. Simplicity and brevity have been aimed at, the main idea being that whatever is bulky or verbose is a hindrance rather than a help when one is engaged in the observation of the heavens.

In Starland with a Three-Inch Telescope

A Conveniently Arranged Guide for the Use of the Amateur Astronomer

16mo, With Forty Diagrams of the Constellations and Eight of the Moon, $1.00 net, (By mail, $1.10)

The raison d'etre therefore for the book is convenience and arrangement. The author has found by experience that what the student most needs when he is observing with a telescope, is a page to glance at that will serve as a guide to the object he desires to view, and which affords concise data relative to that object. The diagrams therefore direct the student's vision and the subject-matter affords the necessary information in each case.

Star Lore of the Ages

A Collection of Myths, Legends, and Facts Concerning the Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere

8vo. Fully Illustrated

Will appeal alike to those who are interested in folk-lore and those who are attracted by astronomy. In it the author has gathered together the curious myths and traditions that have attached themselves from the earliest times to different constellations and even to individual stars.