A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Catholic Hymns/Evening Hymn

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For other versions of this work, see O Lord of perfect purity.

2. Evening Hymn.

O Lord of perfect purity,
Who dost the world with light adorn,
And paint the fields of azure sky
With lovely hues of eve and morn:

Upon our fainting souls distil
The grace of thy celestial dew;
Let no fresh snare to sin beguile,
No former sin revive anew.

Keep thou our souls from schemes of crime,
No guilt remorseful let them know;
Nor thinking but on things of time,
Into eternal darkness go.

Teach us to knock at heav'n's high door,
Teach us the prize of life to win;
Teach us all evil to abhor,
And purify ourselves within.

Be thou our guide, be thou our goal,
Be thou our pathway to the skies:
Our joy when sorrow fills the soul,
In death our everlasting prize.