A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Catholic Hymns/Hymn before the Image of Mary

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39. Hymn before the Image of Mary.

Holy Queen, we bend before thee,
Queen of purity divine;
Make us love thee, we implore thee,
Make us truly to be thine.

Unto thee a Child was given,
Greater than the sons of men;
Coming down from highest heaven,
To create the world again.

Thou by faith the gates unfolding
Of the kingdom in the skies,
Hast to us, by faith beholding,
Shewn the land of Paradise.

Thou, when deepest night infernal
Had for ages shrouded man,
Gavest us that light eternal
Promis'd when the world began.

Teach, oh teach us, holy Mother,
How to conquer every sin,
How to love and help each other,
How the prize of life to win.

Teach us how all earthly pleasures,
All the world's enchanting bloom,
Are outrivall'd by the treasures
Of the glorious world to come.

Oh, by that Almighty Maker,
Whom thyself a virgin bore;
Oh, by thy supreme Creator,
Link'd with thee for evermore.—

By the hope thy name inspires,
By our doom revers'd through thee,
Bring us, Queen of angel choirs,
To a blest eternity.