A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Sacred Songs/There's not a Leaf within the Bower

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28. There's not a Leaf within the Bower.

There's not a leaf within the bower,
There's not a bird upon the tree,
There's not a dewdrop on the flower,
But bears an impress, Lord, of thee.

Thy hand the varied leaf design'd,
And gave the bird its thrilling tone,
Thy power the dewdrop's tints combin'd
Till with the diamond's blaze they shone.

Thus dewdrops, leaves, and birds, and all,
The greatest as the smallest things,
The starry skies, the earth's round ball,
Alike proclaim thee King of kings.

But man alone to bounteous heav'n
The strains of grateful love can raise,
To man alone the grace is giv'n
To join the angelic choirs in praise.