A Little Pretty Pocket-book/Alphabet

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ALPP - Great A, B, and C.png

Great A, B, and C,
And tumble down D,
The Cat's a blind buff,
And she cannot see.

a, b, c, d.

ALPP - Great D, E, and F.png

Great E, F, and G,
Come here follow me,
And we will jump over
The Rosemary Tree.

e, f, g.

ALPP - Here's great H, and I.png

Here's great H, and I
With the Christmas Pye;
Who will eat the Plumbs out?
I, H, and I.

h, i.

ALPP - Here's great K, and L.png

Here's great K, and L,
Pray Dame can you tell,
Who put the Pig-Hog
Down into the Well?

k, l.

ALPP - Here's great M, and N.png

Here's great M, and N,
Are come back again,
To bring the good Boy
A fine Golden Pen.

m, n,

ALPP - So great O, and P.png

So great O, and P,
Pray what do you see?
A naughty boy whipt;
But that is not me.

o, p.

ALPP - Here's great Q, and R.png

Here's great Q, and R,
Are both come from far,
To bring you good news
About the late War.

q, r,

ALPP - So S, T, and U.png

So S, T, and U,
Pray how do you do?
We thank you—the better
For seeing of you.

s, t, u,

ALPP - Here's great W, X.png

Here's great W, X,
Good Friends do not vex,
All things will go well
Dear W, and X.

w, x

ALPP - There's great Y, and Z.png

There's great Y, and Z,
On a Horse that is mad:
If you fall down,
Farewel Poor great Y and Z.

y, z.