A Little Pretty Pocket-book/Rules for Behaviour in Children/Chapter I

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Chap. I.

Mixt Precepts.

1 Fear God and believe in Christ.
2 Honour the Magistrates.
3 Reverence thy Parents.
4 Submit to thy Superiours.
5 Despise not thy Inferiours.
6 Be courteous with thy Equals.
7 Pray daily and devoutly.
8 Converse with the Good.
9 Imitate not the Wicked.
10 Hearken, diligently to Instruction.
11 Be very desirous of Leaning.
12 Love the School.
13 Be always neat and cleanly.
14 Study Virtue and embrace it.
15 Provoke no Body.
16 Love thy School Fellows.
17 Please thy Master.
18 Let not Play entice thee.
19 Restrain thy Tongue.
20 Covet future Honour, Which only Virtue and Wisdom can procure.