A Little Pretty Pocket-book/Rules for Behaviour in Children/Chapter II/At the Meeting House

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Children's Behavior at the Meeting House.

1Decently walk to thy Seat or Pew; run not, nor go wantonly.
2 Sit where thou art ordered by thy Superiours, Parents or Masters.
3 Shift not Seats, but continue in the Place where your Superiours order you.
4 Lend thy Place for the easing of any one that stands near thee.
5 Keep not a Seat too long that is lent thee by another, but being eased thyself, restore it to him that lent it to thee.
6 Task not in the Meeting House especially in the Time of Prayer or Preaching.
7 Fix thine Eye on the Minister, let it not wildly wander to gaze on any Person or Thing.
8 Attend diligently to the Words of the Minister: Pray with him when he prayeth, at least in thy Heart; and while he preacheth, listen, that thou mayest remember.
9 Be not hasty to run out of the Meeting House when the Worship is ended, as if thou wert weary of being there.
10 Walk decently and soberly Home, without Haste or Wantonness; thinking upon what you have been hearing.