A Little Pretty Pocket-book/Rules for Behaviour in Children/Chapter II/When Abroad

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Behaviour when Abroad.

1Go not Singing, Whistling nor Hollowing along the Steet.
2 Quarrel not with any Body thou meetest or dost overtake.
3 Affront none, especially thy Elders, by Word or Deed.
4 Jeer not at any Person whatsoever.
5 Always give the Right Hand to your Superiours, when either you meet or walk
with them; and mind also to give them the Wall, in meeting or walking with them; for that is the Upper Hand, though in walking your Superiour should then be at your Left Hand. But when three Persons walk together, the middle Place is the must honourable: And a Son may walk at his Father's Right Hand, when his younger Brother walks at his Left.
6 Give thy Superiours leave to pass before thee in any narrow Place, where two Persons cannot pass at once.
7 If thou go with thy Parents, Master or any Superiour, go not wantonly nor even with them; but a little behind them.
8 Pay thy Respects to all thou meetest of thine Acquaintance or Friends.
9 Pull off thine Hat to Persons of Desert, Quality or Office; shew thy Reverence to them by bowing thy Body when thou seest them; and if it be a Person of high Station, Governour, Magistate, Justice of the Peace, Minister or Deacon, &c. stay thyself until they be passed by thee.
10 If a Superiour speak to thee in the Street, answer him with thy Head uncovered; and put not on thy Hat until he either go from thee, or bid thee once and again be covered; take not Leave at the first bidding, but with a Bow [and saying, by no means, Sir] modestly refute it.
11 Run not hastily in the Street, nor go too slowly; wag not to and fro, nor use any antick or wanton Postures, either of thy Head, Hands, Feet or Body.
12 Stare not at every unusual Person or Thing which thou seest.
13 Throw not any Thing in the Street, as Dirt, Stones, &c.
14 If thou meetest the Scholars of any other School, jeer not nor affront them, but shew them love and respect, and quietly let them pass along.
15 Especially affront not the Master of another School, but rather, if thou knowest him, or if he live near either thine House or School, uncover thy Head to him, and bowing pass by him.