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Fable III.
The Shepherd's Boy.

A wanton young Shepherd,
Tho' no Danger near,
Cries out to his Neighbours,
The Wolf, Sirs, is here.
They come, and are laugh'd at
Soon he roars out again,
Now the Wolf's here indeed!
But his Cries are in vain.

To Master Tommy, or Miss Polly.

This Boy's Fate, my Dear, is a remarkable Instance of the Folly and Wickedness of telling Lies; if he had not deceived the People before, they would have believed him, and ran to his Assistance, by which Means both him and his Sheep might have been saved, which are now torn to Pieces: I hope you will remember this, my Dear, and resolve in yourself never to tell a Lie; for if you do, I shall be very angry,

I am,

Your hearty Friend,

Jack the Giant-Killer.