A Manual of Prayers for the Use of the Catholic Laity/Hymns and Sequences/The Third Hour. Tierce

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NUNC, Sancte nobis Spiritus,
Unum Patri cum Filio,
Dignare promptus ingeri
Nostro refusus pectori.

COME, Holy Ghost, with God the Son,
And God the Father, ever One;
Shed forth Thy grace within our breast,
And dwell with us, a ready guest.

Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor
Confessionem personent;
Flammescat igne caritas,
Accendat ardor proximos.

By every power, by heart and tongue,
By act and deed, Thy praise be sung;
Inflame with perfect love each sense,
That others' souls may kindle thence.

Præsta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
Cum Spiritu Paraclito
Regnans per omne sæculum.


O Father, that we ask be done,
Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son,
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee,
Shall live and reign eternally.