A Night in a Moorish Harem/Conclusion

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Renee concluded. She now expected her reward. It was her turn at last. The loins of eight of those beautiful women had been stirred to the depths by me and they had melted in my embrace. To four of them I had paid tribute in return. The night would be fittingly crowned by a tribute to the loveliest and last. She lay back at length on the cushions with Laura's back for a pillow. The charming French girl then shot a seductive glance at my face from beneath her long eyelashes and opened her graceful tapering legs. I knelt between them and kissed the grand snow-white thighs close to the thick ruddy hair that adorned them. I planted another kiss on her smooth, round belly just over her womb. From the pink nipples of each of her plump bosoms, I sucked voluptuous kisses, and then my lips fastened on her rosebud mouth. She wound her soft white arms around me as I stretched myself on her lovely form and with her lily fingers she guided my crest to the heaven it sought. I pushed my way slowly in. It was deliciously tight and elastic and hot and juicy. I had to thrust more than once before my shaft was completely entered, which was no sooner accomplished than I felt Renee's frame shudder beneath me and then become limp and nerveless. Her arms relaxed their grasp and her sheath became loose and was flushed with moisture. 'Lie still, as you are, for a minute,’ she whispered, ‘and I shall be able to finish you.’ I was in no hurry. I lay luxuriantly upon her with my crest soaking in the most inward recesses of her loins. Laura's waist still served her as a pillow and my mouth occasionally wandered from Renee's rosy mouth to kiss Laura's fat bosoms, which were so conveniently near, and my fingers searched Laura's equally convenient sheath.

Inez nestled close up to us and hid the fingers of my other hand deep between her thighs. Helene, kneeling on the other side, gently fondled my glands with her slender fingers. Zuleika, Myrzella and Virginia kissed the small of my back, shoulders and neck. My feet were abandoned to Amie and El Jelis, who sat each holding a foot between their thighs so that my toes searched their crevices. The wanton touch of nine charming and amorous women infused me rapidly with some of their own superfluous vigour. My shaft became perfectly rigid. Renee awoke to the responsibility that rested chiefly on her. As a signal that she was again ready she darted her tongue into my mouth while I was sucking her lips. Her sheath again grew tight and I felt its inmost membranes convulsively contract and lasciviously seize my crest. I responded by giving her a deep, prolonged thrust, then I braced my toes in the hot crevices where they rested and rammed my shaft completely home again and again. Renee surged up her loins to meet each descending thrust. I felt the crisis approaching. The very marrow of my bones seemed to be distilling into my empty glands. My plunge became more rapid, until the very nerves of my shaft seemed to be laid bare to the friction. Renee redoubled her exertions. As her loins rose to meet me she gave them a rotary motion, which made her womb circle round my crest. The supreme moment which had been coming, came at last, and I was completely ravished. My very life blood seemed to gush. I gave a deep, long groan of ecstasy and sank, an almost inanimate mass, on the panting and glowing form of Renee. She kept squeezing my shaft to complete her own rapture, and extracted a few more drops from me after I was too far gone to groan. I heard several of the ladies mingle their sighs with hers and my fingers and toes were bathed with moisture that had melted in sympathy with ours. I lay for a long time unable to stir, perfectly triumphant. 'That will make another blue-eyed boy,’ said Myrzella. 'I feel as if I were with twins,’ said Renee, giving one more squeeze to my diminished shaft. When I recovered sufficiently to be able to move, my first look was at the clock. It was near dawn, and it was necessary for me to go. The ladies helped me to dress, for I had not the strength of a kitten. Each exchanged with me a tender kiss, then I got upon the window where the rope of shawls hung—but I felt too weak to climb. I fastened the rope around under my arms and all the ladies taking hold together lowered me safely down. I pushed my boat from the strand and set sail. The land breeze was just setting in and no sooner had I gained the offing than I descried my ship beating up and down looking for me. In an hour more I was safely on board.