A Passionate Pilgrim

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Versions of A Passionate Pilgrim include:

Translation into French:

  • "Cousin et Cousine" ["Cousin and Cousin"] in Revue des Deux Mondes ["Review of Both Worlds"] 17 (1 October 1876): 512–553.
    — Translated by Lucien Biart.

Translation into German:

  • "Ein Leidenschaftlicher Erdenpilger" ["A Passionate Pilgrim"] in Ein Leidenschaftlicher Erdenpilger uld Andere Erzählungen ["A Passionate Pilgrin and Other Tales"] (Amerikanische Novellisten [American Novels] 1) (Leipzig: Grunow): ?–?.
    — Translated by Moritz Busch.

Translation into Hungarian:

  • "Unokatestvérek" ["Cousins"] in Novellák Külföldi ["Foreign Stories"] 2. Budapest: Athenaeum, 1877.
    — Translated by Sasvári Ármin from the French translation.