A Passionate Pilgrim (James)

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For works with similar titles, see Passionate Pilgrim.
Versions of
A Passionate Pilgrim
by Henry James

"A Passionate Pilgrim is a novella by Henry James, first published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1871. The story was the earliest fiction that James included in the New York Edition (1907–09) of his works." Excerpted from A Passionate Pilgrim (James) on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Versions of A Passionate Pilgrim include:

Translation into French:

  • "Cousin et Cousine" ["Cousin and Cousin"] in Revue des Deux Mondes ["Review of Both Worlds"] 17 (1 October 1876): 512–553.
    — Translated by Lucien Biart.

Translation into German:

  • "Ein Leidenschaftlicher Erdenpilger" ["A Passionate Pilgrim"] in Ein Leidenschaftlicher Erdenpilger uld Andere Erzählungen ["A Passionate Pilgrin and Other Tales"] (Amerikanische Novellisten [American Novels] 1) (Leipzig: Grunow): ?–?.
    — Translated by Moritz Busch.

Translation into Hungarian:

  • "Unokatestvérek" ["Cousins"] in Novellák Külföldi ["Foreign Stories"] 2. Budapest: Athenaeum, 1877.
    — Translated by Sasvári Ármin from the French translation.