The Novels and Tales of Henry James

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Not to be confused with The Novels and Stories of Henry James.
  • Volume 1 (Roderick Hudson)
  • Volume 2 (The American)
  • Volume 3 (The Portrait of a Lady 1)
  • Volume 4 (The Portrait of a Lady 2)
  • Volume 5 (The Princess Casamassima 1)
  • Volume 6 (The Princess Casamassima 2)
  • Volume 7 (The Tragic Muse 1)
  • Volume 8 (The Tragic Muse 2)
  • Volume 9 (The Awkward Age)
  • Volume 10 (The Spoils of Poynton, A London Life, The Chaperon)
  • Volume 11 (What Maisie Knew, In the Cage, The Pupil)
  • Volume 12 (The Aspern Papers, The Turn of the Screw, The Liar, The Two Faces)
  • Volume 13 (The Reverberator, Madame de Mauves, A Passionate Pilgrim, The Madonna of the Future, Louisa Pallant) (transcription project)
  • Volume 14 (Lady Barbarina, The Siege of London, An International Episode, The Pension Beaurepas, A Bundle of Letters, The Point of View
  • Volume 15 (The Lesson of the Master, The Death of the Lion, The Next Time, The Figure in the Carpet, The Coxon Fund)
  • Volume 16 (The Author of Beltraffio, The Middle Years, Greville Fane, Broken Wings, The Tree of Knowledge, The Abasement of the Northmores, The Great Good Place, Four Meetings, Paste, "Europe", Miss Gunton of Poughkeepsie, Fordham Castle
  • Volume 17 (The Altar of the Dead, The Beast in the Jungle, The Birthplace, The Private Life, Owen Wingrave, The Friends of the Friends, Sir Edmund Orme, The Real Right Thing, The Jolly Corner, Julia Bride)
  • Volume 18 (Daisy Miller, Pandora, The Patagonia, The Marriages, The Real Thing, Brooksmith, The Beldonald Holbein, The Story In It, Flickerbridge, Mrs. Medwin
  • Volume 19 (The Wings of the Dove 1)
  • Volume 20 (The Wings of the Dove 2)
  • Volume 21 (The Ambassadors 1)
  • Volume 22 (The Ambassadors 2)
  • Volume 23 (The Golden Bowl 1)
  • Volume 24 (The Golden Bowl 2)
  • Volume 25 (The Ivory Tower)
  • Volume 26 (The Sense of the Past)