A Prayer Composed by Estelle After Her Cure

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O my good Mother, behold me in thy hands. Look with pity on thy poor servant. Do not permit the designs of Providence towards my unworthy self to be frustrated by my infidelity to grace. May thy Jesus, who dwelt in thy heart, and who has this day deigned to visit mine, be my salvation and my only support. May He subdue in me that pride which has so often nearly caused my ruin. May He root out of my heart every evil inclination, and completely destroy everything that does not tend to His glory and thine. Most Holy Virgin, who hast shown thy power by granting me health of body, heal also my soul so often the slave of sin. O my powerful Protectress, thou who art, after God, my consolation; thou who didst soothe my pain; thou who art the light of my soul, having revealed all my iniquities to me; thou who art my strength, my treasure, my joy, the hope of my life and of eternal salvation, thou hast said to me: "You are my daughter." Thou canst not then reject my prayers. Deign to grant them, and to have compassion on me as beseems the Mother of my God, who has shown such love and goodness to men. He is their Father; and He has appointed thee their Mother. Since thou hast deigned to place me among thy own privileged children, obtain for me all the grace necessary for the salvation of my soul. I promise thee in return, O my good Mother, to do all in my power to become more worthy of thy favours.