A Prayer for Mohammedans, and for Eastern Churches

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A Prayer for Mohammedans, and for Eastern Churches  (1876) 

O RIGHTEOUS LORD GOD, Who, for the sins of Thy people, dishonouring their Christian profession by heresy and schism, superstition and unholiness of life, didst suffer them in times past to fall into the hands of Mohammedans, and hast permitted the religion of the false prophet to overshadow the fair lands of the East ; we beseech Thee to quicken us by the Holy Spirit, and give us grace to bewail and forsake the sins which caused the rise and growth of Mohammedan unbelief, and which hinder the conversion of the Moslem ; and so touch their hearts with the love of Thy dear Son, and illumine their minds with the light of His blessed Gospel, that they together with us, and with the once glorious Churches of the East, raised up from their low estate, and shining brightly again in the lands which were Thine heritage of old, may serve and worship Thee, the God and Father of us all ; and being joined in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of Christ our Lord, and dwelling together in faith and love, may come to Thy heavenly kingdom, there to praise Thee everlastingly, through Jesus Christ our Saviour, to Whom with Thee and the -Holy Ghost, Three persons and One God, be all honour and glory now and for evermore. Amen.