A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature/Hall, Robert

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Hall, Robert (1764-1831). -- Divine, b. at Arnsby, Leicestershire, the s. of a Baptist minister of some note, was ed. at a Baptist Academy, and at the Univ. of Aberdeen, from which he received the degree of D.D. in 1817. He ministered to congregations at Bristol, Cambridge, Leicester, and again at Bristol, and became one of the greatest pulpit orators of his day. His most famous sermon was that on the Death of the Princess Charlotte (1817). Another which created a great impression was that on Modern Infidelity. H. was a life-long sufferer, and was occasionally insane, yet his intellectual activity was unceasing. After his death a collection of 50 of his sermons was pub. (1843), and Miscellaneous Works and Remains (1846).