A Short History of Russian "Fantastica"/Epilogue

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Supplements to Part 4 through to this Epilogue appear in Australian science fiction periodical "The Mentor", Issue 81. (January 1994)

This is the short history of science fiction in Russia (USSR). Of course, the author does not claim this is a complete picture, and understands that a comprehensive history of SF will not be written soon, because in the time of a general reappraisal of values, it is difficult for anyone to observe objectively!

"The brothers Strugatski, who were among the active fighters for democracy, are now accused of "Communism Utopianism"; "In 1957 we were particularly enthusiastic about I. Efremov's novel ANDROMEDA, but now that enthusiasm seems almost shameful." wrote Mrs. V. Chalinkova in her article DREAMERS: IDEOLOGY IS NOT WANTED. But we must be proud of our fantasy. If we remember the conditions in which it was developed, then we ought to be surprised that anybody ever wrote and published any "fantastic" books.

And now it is difficult to predict the future of Russian SF. The author only hopes that soon normal life will take root and fantasy will take its deserving place in the Russian people's mind.

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