A Sketch of Carl Schurz's Political Career 1869-1906/Prefatory Note

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A Sketch of Carl Schurz's Political Career 1869-1906
Frederic Bancroft and William A. Dunning
Prefatory Note


During the last three decades of the nineteenth century Mr. Schurz's political influence was unique. In preparing the chapters to cover this period and to supplement his Reminiscences we have been fully conscious that any effort to preserve the peculiar flavor of his own work would be futile. It has been our purpose, therefore, merely to describe the salient features of his activity in public affairs. We have endeavored less to chronicle a multitude of biographical facts than to exhibit, in actual relation to the history of the time, the intellectual characteristics and political aspirations that were conspicuous and potent in his career.

To Dr. Herbert Putnam, the Librarian, and Mr. Worthington C. Ford, Chief of the Division of Manuscripts, we are under special obligations for the interest they have taken in rendering serviceable to us the vast and splendid resources of the Library of Congress. The Librarian of Columbia University also has generously extended to us helpful courtesies which we gratefully acknowledge.

F. B.
W. A. D.