A Voyage to the South Sea/Contents

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Chapter 1
Plan of the Expedition. Outfit and Occurrences to the time of leaving England. Description of the Breadfruit.
Chapter 2
Departure from England. Arrival at Tenerife. Sail from thence. Arrival off Cape Horn. Severity of the Weather. Obliged to bear away for the Cape of Good Hope.
Chapter 3
Passage towards the Cape of Good Hope and Search after Tristan da Cunha. Arrival at False Bay. Occurrences there. Reports concerning the Grosvenor's People. Departure from the Cape.
Chapter 4
Passage towards Van Diemen's Land. Make the Island of St. Paul. Arrival in Adventure Bay. Natives seen. Sail from Van Diemen's Land.
Chapter 5
Rocky Islands discovered. See the Island Maitea and arrive at Otaheite. Ship crowded by the Natives.
Chapter 6
Account of an English Ship lately sailed from Otaheite. Death of Omai. Captain Cook's Picture sent on board. Otoo visits the Ship. His Visit returned. Natives well disposed towards us. Account of the Cattle left by Captain Cook. Breadfruit plants promised. Visit to the Earee Rahie. Presents made to the Arreoys.
Chapter 7
A theft committed. Deception of the painted Head. Conversation with a Priest. A Wrestling Match. Reports of the Natives concerning other Islands. Some Account of Omai.
Chapter 8
Expedition to Tettaba after a Heifer. Extraordinary domestic Arrangements. Tinah's Mother visits the Ship. A Sheep brought from Ulietea. Heavy Storm. Death of the Surgeon. Taowne and Toahroah Harbours examined.
Chapter 9
A Walk into the Country. The Peeah Roah. Prevailed on by the Kindness of the Chiefs to defer our Departure. Breadfruit Plants collected. Move the Ship to Toahroah Harbour. Fishing. Three of the Ship's Company desert. Indiscretion of our People on Shore. Instances of Jealousy. Mourning. Bull brought to Oparre by a Prophet. The Deserters recovered. Tinah proposes to visit England.
Chapter 10
The Ship's Cable cut in the Night. Coolness with the Chiefs on that Account. Visit to an old Lady. Disturbance at a Heiva. Tinah's Hospitality. A Thief taken and punished. Preparations for sailing.
Chapter 11
Arrival of an Arreoy Woman from Tethuroa. A Present delivered by Tinah for his Majesty. Other Occurrences to the Time of the Ship's Departure from Otaheite.
Chapter 12
At the Island Huaheine. A Friend of Omai visits the Ship. Leave the Society Islands. A Water-spout. The Island Whytootackee discovered. Anchor in Annamooka Road. Our Parties on Shore robbed by the Natives. Sail from Annamooka. The Chiefs detained on board. Part friendly.
Chapter 13
A Mutiny in the Ship.
Chapter 14
Proceed in the Launch to the Island Tofoa. Difficulty in obtaining Supplies there. Treacherous Attack of the Natives. Escape to Sea and bear away for New Holland.
Chapter 15
Passage towards New Holland. Islands discovered in our Route. Our great Distresses. See the Reefs of New Holland and find a Passage through them.
Chapter 16
Progress to the Northward along the Coast of New Holland. Land on different Islands in search of Supplies.
Chapter 17
Passage from New Holland to the Island Timor. Arrive at Coupang. Reception there.
Chapter 18
At Coupang.
Chapter 19
From Timor to Batavia.
Chapter 20
Occurrences at Batavia and Passage thence to England.