A certificate for the electoral vote for Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler for the State of Louisiana dated 1876

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herein contains a list of all the
votes cast by the electors of the State
of Louisiana for President and
Vice-President of the United States.

              Hon. E. C. Billings
                  Judge U.S. District Court
                           New Orleans L

[Verso of an envelope with a seal]





In the Election Precinct of the Parish of West Feliciana,

Be it remembered, that on the      Eleventh      day of      October      in the year 1876, personally came before the Supervisor of Registration for the Parish of West Feliciana,      John S. Dula      who, being duly sworn, doth depose and say as follows, to wit:

My name is      John Sanford Dula      I was born atin      North Carolina      in the year      1847      my occupation is      Parish Judge      and I reside atin      St. Francis Ville      I am a citizen of Louisiana, and have been residing in this State ever since the     1871      day of           , in the year            I was duly registered in the election precinct of the Parish of West Feliciana, in the month of    Aug.    1874 No.   4   and the certificate of registration issued to me at that time has been lost or destroyed, I have no other place of residence, and I did not remove to the said election precinct for the purpose of voting therein, but for the purpose of making it my place of residence, in pursuance of my lawful calling,

                                                                                   John S. Dula           

              Sworn and subscribed to, this      11th      day of      Oct.     
         A.D. 1876 before me,
                                                                                  J. Daniels                
                                                                        Supervisor of Registration, Parish of West Feliciana