A proclamation requiring all seamen and mariners to render themselves to Their Majesties service

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By the King and Queen,

Requiring all Seamen and Mariners to Render themselves to Their Majesties Service.

Marie R.

Whereas divers Seamen and Mariners have lately left their usual and ordinary Places of Abode, and have removed themselves into some private and obscure Places, endeavouring thereby to avoid or escape from Their Majesties present Service: Their Majesties therefore, by the Advice of Their Privy Council, have upon the present Extraordinary Occasion, thought fit to Publish this Their Royal Proclamation; And do hereby strictly Charge and Command all Seamen and Mariners remaining in any County of England or Wales, and not Listed in Their Majesties Service, That they forthwith render themselves unto the Principal Officers and Commissioners of Their Majesties Navy in London, or to the Commissioners of the Navy at Chatham, or to the Commissioners of the Navy at Portsmouth, or to Joseph Fownes Store-keeper and Muster-master for the Navy at Harwich or to John Addis Store-keeper and Muster-master for the Navy at Plymouth, or to the Bailiffs of Great Yarmouth, or to the Mayor of Hull, or to the Mayor of Newcastle, or to Robert Henley at Bristol, or to (illegible text) Arkinson at Highlake and Leverpoole, in order to their being received into Pay, and sent on Board such of Their Majesties Ships as shall be found most expedient for Their Majesties Service; And if any of them shall hereafter be found out or discovered to have neglected to obey this Their Majesties Royal Command, they shall be Proceeded against with all Severity. And Their Majesties do hereby Require all Mayors, Bayliffs, Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, Constables and other Officers to whom it doth or may appertain, That they cause diligent Search to be made within all and every of their Precincts, for the said Seamen and Mariners, and to Seize and Secure the Persons of such of them as shall be there found; And also all loose and unknown Persons whatsoever, who may justly be suspected to be Seamen or Watermen, and to cause them to be sent to the Principal Officers and Commissioners of Their Majesties Navy in London, or to such other of the Persons and Places aforesaid, to which they may most conveniently be sent, in order to their being Employed in Their Majesties Service; And that they send up to Their Majesties Privy Council a List of the Names of all such Seamen and Mariners as they shall procure for the Service aforesaid, together with the Names of the respective Persons to whom, and Places to which they shall send them. And the said Principal Officers and Commissioners, and other Persons aforesaid, shall give Receipts in Writing for the several Seamen and Mariners delivered to them in pursuance hereof. And Their Majesties do hereby straitly Charge and Command, That no Person or Persons whatsoever, do presume to Conceal, or to further or favour the Escape of any Seamen or Mariners as aforesaid, upon Pain that all and singular Persons offending herein, be forthwith Committed to Prison by the next Justice of the Peace or other Magistrate, and with all Severity Prosecuted, as Persons Conspiring against Their Majesties and the Safety of the Kingdom. And Their Majesties are hereby pleased to make known, That Money is already lodged in the Hands of the Persons above named, for Repaying the Conduct Money, and other Charges incident to this Service.

Given at Our Court at Whitehall the Fifth Day of July, 1690. In the Second Year of Our Reign.

God save King William and Queen Mary.

LONDON, Printed by Charles Bill and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the King and Queens most Excellent Majesties. 1690.

This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.