A treasury of war poetry, British and American poems of the world war, 1914-1919/Indexes

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Adamson, John Ernest 207
A. E. 138, 140, 380
Asquith, Herbert 76, 274, 275, 373
Baring, Maurice 340
Bashford, H. H. 174
Bell, Maud Anna 226
Belloc, Hilaire 80
Benét, William Rose 214
Bewsher, Paul 351
Bickley, Francis 398
Binyon, Laurence 74, 96, 120, 124, 316, 368
Bourdillon, F. W. 213, 410
Bradford, Gamaliel 171
Bridges, Robert 88, 322, 353, 384
Brodribb, Charles William 45
Brooke, Rupert 245, 246, 367
Burnet, Dana 109, 172
Burr, Amelia Josephine 386
Burt, Maxwell Struthers 239
Campbell, Wilfred 62, 385
Carman, Bliss 191
Carton, Ronald Lewis 307, 403
Chalmers, Patrick R. 122, 162, 219
Channing, Grace Ellery 86
Chapman, John Jay 378
Chesterton, Cecil 79
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith 77, 220
Clarke, George Herbert 47, 119
Cleveland, Reginald McIntosh 327
Coates, Florence Earle 82, 106, 350
Cone, Helen Gray 94
Conkling, Grace Hazard 240, 347
Corbett, N. M. P. 329
Coulson, Leslie 241, 425
Courtney, W. L. 390
Crawford, Charlotte Holmes 80
Crewe 374
Dalton, Moray 105, 383, 395
Dargan, Olive Tilford 161
Day, Miles Jeffrey Game 257, 338
De la Mare, Walter 155
De Stein, Edward 280
Dixon, W. Macneile 168
Dobson, Austin 421
Doyle, Arthur Conan 158, 203
Draper, W. H. 185
Drinkwater, John 146, 147, 376
Dunsany 252
Elliot, Gabrielle 417
Field, A. N. 304
Finley, John 84, 165
Firkins, O. W. 91
Fletcher, John Gould 216, 218
Forrest, M. 78
Frankau, Gilbert 293, 294, 295, 416
Freeman, John 48, 169, 198
Galbraith, W. Campbell 304
Galsworthy, John 44, 136, 374
Garrison, Theodosia 181
Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson 137, 206, 355, 373, 381
Gorell 113
Grant, Robert 173
Graves, Robert 274
Grenfell, Julian 250
Hagedorn, Hermann 398
Hale, Katherine 417
Hall, James Norman 286, 287
Hardy, Thomas 131, 132, 133, 389
Harper, Isabel Westcott 56
Harvey, F. W. 281
Head, Henry 333
Helston, John 90, 384
Hewitt, Ethel M. 187
Hewlett, Maurice 96, 202
Hodgson, William Noel ("Edward Melbourne") 242, 291, 306
Hogben, John 399
Holland, Norah M. 337
Holmes, W. Kersley 305, 399
Houghton, Claude 392
Howells, William Dean 205
Hutchinson, Henry William 290
Huxley, Mildred 127, 401
Johnson, Donald F. Goold 312
Jones, Herbert 82
Kaufman, Herbert 230
Kemp, Harry 92
Kendall, Guy 181, 227
Kendim, Ben 69
Kennedy, G. A. Studdert 190, 244
Kettle, T. M. 60, 241
Kilmer, Joyce 243, 259, 261, 312
Kipling, Rudyard 52, 92
Knight-Adkin, James H. 272, 273
Knox, Kathleen 159
Lawson, Henry 50, 70, 72
Ledwidge, Francis 46, 106, 107, 251, 252
Lee, Joseph 301, 303
Le Gallienne, Richard 423
Letts, Winifred M. 59, 123, 314, 354, 406
Lindsay, Vachel 88, 176
Lowell, Amy 360
Lucas, E. V. 375
Lyon, W. S. S. 115, 300
McCrae, John 371
MacGill, Patrick 275, 276
Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone 238
MacKaye, Percy 148
Mackintosh, E. A. 130, 395
Manning, Frederic 269, 270, 271
Masefield, John 133, 380
"Melbourne, Edward" (W. N. Hodgson) 242, 291, 306
Middleton, J. Edgar 328
Morgan, Charles Langbridge 95
Morley, Christopher 125
Munro, Neil 54, 56, 234
Murray, A. E. 393
Nankivell, A. T. 391
Newbolt, Henry 43, 137, 199, 200, 324, 368
Nichols, Robert 261, 264, 265
Norton, Grace Fallow 236, 415
Noyes, Alfred 100, 134, 318, 319, 320
O'Brien, Edward J. 412
O'Conor, Norreys Jephson 58, 379
Ogilvie, Will H. 66, 68
Owen, Everard 178
Oxland, Nowell 334
Pain, Barry 157, 377
Peabody, Josephine Preston 412, 414
Phillips, Stephen 109
Phillpotts, Eden 121, 215, 315, 383, 424
Pickthall, Marjorie L. C. 62, 423
Ravenel, Beatrice W. 419
Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond 187
Rees, G. E. 390
Roberts, Cecil 336
Roberts, Charles G. D. 310
Roberts, Morley 90, 325
Ross, Ronald 149, 152
Sassoon, Siegfried 266, 267
Schauffler, Robert Haven 306, 362
Scollard, Clinton 103, 179
Scott, Duncan Campbell 349, 394
Scott, Frederick George 397
Seaman, Owen 76, 201, 387
Seeger, Alan 246, 247
Service, Robert W. 188, 189, 194, 195
Shakespeare, William G. 299
Shepard, Odell 183
Sherman, Stuart P. 182
Shillito, Edward 362
Smith, C. Fox 46, 67, 330, 332
Snow, W. 127
Sorley, Charles Hamilton 255, 256, 369, 370
Sprent, James 307
Sterling, George 233
Strong, Archibald T. 67
Teasdale, Sara 186, 420
Tennant, E. Wyndham 277, 279
Thayer, Sigourney 392
Thirlmere, Rowland 98, 218, 360
Thomas, Edith M. 317
Trotter, Bernard Freeman 297, 298
Tynan, Katharine 240, 327, 402, 403, 408, 418
Tyrrell, Ada 410
Underhill, Evelyn 184
Van Dyke, Henry 87, 148
van Dyke, Tertius 128
Van Noppen, Leonard 51, 52
Vernede, Robert Ernest 259, 372
Vickridge, Alberta 365
Warren, G. O. 180, 378, 407, 422
Watson, William 323
Wharton, Edith 75, 165
Whitmell, Mrs. C. T. 163
Widdemer, Margaret 411
Wilkinson, Walter Lightowler 404
Wilson, Margaret Adelaide 391
Wilson, Marjorie 400, 409
Wilson, T. P. Cameron 267, 393
Wodehouse, E. Armine 281, 284
Woodberry, George Edward 105, 108, 142, 346, 388
Woods, Margaret L. 116
Young, E. Hilton 300


[The titles of sections are set in SMALL CAPITALS.]

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight Vachel Lindsay 88
"Advance, America!" John Helston 90
After Action Robert Haven Schauffler 306
After Jutland Katharine Tynan 327
After the War Richard Le Gallienne 423
Airmen, The 340
"All the Hills and Vales Along" Charles Hamilton Sorley 256
America 88
America in War Time, To O. W. Firkins 91
America, To Charles Langbridge Morgan 95
America, To Morley Roberts 90
Ammunition Column Gilbert Frankau 294
Anxious Dead, The John McCrae 371
Apocalypse Ronald Ross 152
Army of the Dead, The Barry Pain 377
At Parting Katharine Tynan 418
Australasia 67
Australia to England Archibald T. Strong 67
Autumn Evening in Serbia Francis Ledwidge 106
Auxiliaries 314
Auxiliary Cruiser, The N. M. F. Corbett 329
Back to London: A Poem of Leave Joseph Lee 301
Back to Rest William Noel Hodgson 242
Ballad of St. Barbara, The Gilbert Keith Chesterton 220
Battle Hymn Donald F. Goold Johnson 312
Battle of Liège, The Dana Burnet 109
Battle of the Bight, The William Watson 323
Battle Sleep Edith Wharton 165
Before Action William Noel Hodgson 306
Before Ginchy E. Armine Wodehouse 281
Before Marching, and After Thomas Hardy 389
Before the Charge Patrick MacGill 275
Belgians, To the Laurence Binyon 74
Belgium 74
Belgium Edith Wharton 75
Belgium in Exile, To Owen Seaman 76
Between the Lines Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 355
Bois-Étoilé Ethel M. Hewitt 187
British Merchant Service C. Fox Smith 330
Brooke, Rupert Moray Dalton 383
Brooke, Rupert Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 381
Brooke, To Rupert Eden Phillpotts 383
Bugler, The F. W. Harvey 281
"Burn up the World" Leonard Van Noppen 51
Call, The F. W. Bourdillon 213
Call to Arms in our Street, The Winifred M. Letts 406
Cambrai and Mame Charles G. D. Roberts 310
Canada 62
Canada to England Marjorie L. C. Pickthall 62
Canadians Will H. Ogilvie 66
Captains Adventurous Norah M. Holland 337
Cathedral, The William G. Shakespeare 299
Cavell, Edith George Edward Woodberry 388
Challenge of the Guns, The A. N. Field 304
Champagne, 1914—15 Alan Seeger 247
Channel Sunset John Gould Fletcher 218
Chant of Love for England, A Helen Gray Cone 94
Chaplain to the Forces Winifred M. Letts 314
Chivalry of the Sea, The Robert Bridges 322
Choice, The Rudyard Kipling 92
Choice, The John Masefield 133
Christmas; 1915 Percy MacKaye 148
Christ in Flanders L. W. 163
Clean Hands Austin Dobson 421
Comrades: An Episode Robert Nichols 261
Confession of Faith, A James Sprent 307
Connaught Rangers, The Winifred M. Letts 59
Convalescence Amy Lowell 360
Cricketers of Flanders, The James Norman Hall 286
Day's March, The Robert Nichols 265
Dead, The Rupert Brooke 367
Dead, The A. E. Murray 393
Dead, The Charles Hamilton Sorley 370
Dead, The Sigourney Thayer 392
Death of Peace, The Ronald Ross 149
Debt, The E. V. Lucas 375
Destroyers Henry Head 333
Destroyers off Jutland Reginald Mclntosh Cleveland 327
Devonshire Mother, The Marjorie Wilson 409
Easter at Ypres, 1915 W. S. S. Lyon 115
Endless Army, The G. O. Warren 407
England 43
England Leonard Van Noppen 52
England to Free Men John Galsworthy 44
England Yet Henry Lawson 50
Evening Clouds Francis Ledwidge 252
Evening in England Francis Ledwidge 46
Expectans Expectavi Charles Hamilton Sorley 255
Expeditional Charles William Brodribb 45
Face, The Frederic Manning 269
Faith Robert W. Service 188
Fallen W. Kersley Holmes 399
Fallen, The 367
Fallen Subaltern, The Herbert Asquith 373
Farewell to Anzac C. Fox Smith 67
Fighting Hard Henry Lawson 72
Finger and a Huge, Thick Thumb, A James Norman Hall 287
First Battle of Ypres, The Margaret L. Woods 116
Flemish Village, A Herbert Asquith 76
Flower-beds in the Tuileries Grace Ellery Channing 86
Fool Rings his Bells, The Walter de la Mare 155
"For All we Have and Are" Rudyard Kipling 53
For Francis Ledwidge Norreys Jephson 0' Conor 379
For the Fallen Laurence Binyon 368
Fourth of July, 1776, The Maurice Hewlett 96
France 79
France Cecil Chesterton 79
France, To Herbert Jones 82
From a Trench Maud Anna Bell 226
Front Line William Rose Benét 214
Fulfilment Robert Nichols 264
Fulfilment G. D. Warren 180
Gassed Rowland Thirlmere 360
German Prisoners Joseph Lee 303
Gervais Margaret Adelaide Wilson 391
Ghosts of Oxford, The W. Snow 127
God's Hills ("Edward Melbourne") William Noel Hodgson 291
Gods of War A. E. 138
Going to the Front Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley 187
Great Britain and America 94
Grey Knitting Katharine Hall 417
Guards Came Through, The Arthur Conan Doyle 203
Guns of Sussex, The Arthur Conan Doyle 158
Guns of Verdun Patrick R. Chalmers 122
Guynemer, Captain Florence Earle Coates 350
Harrow Grave in Flanders, A Crewe 374
Harvest Moon, 1916 Josephine Preston Peabody 414
Harvest Moon Josephine Preston Peabody 412
Headquarters Gilbert Frankau 293
Healers, The Laurence Binyon 316
Heart-Cry, The F. W. Bourdillon 410
Hell—Gate of Soissons, The Herbert Kaufman 230
Henri George Sterling 233
Hereafter Ronald Lewis Carton 307
Heroes, The M. Forrest 78
Hic Jacet Qui in Hoc Saeculo Fideliter Militavit Henry Newbolt 368
Hidden Weaver, The Odell Shepard 183
Highland Night, 1715—1815—1915 Isabel Westcott Harper 56
High Summer Katharine Tynan 240
Homecoming of the Sheep, The Francis Ledwidge 107
Homes Margaret Widdemer 411
Home Thoughts from Laventie E. Wyndham Tennant 277
Horse-bathing Parade W. Kersley Holmes 305
House of Death, The A. T. Nankivell 391
I have a Rendezvous with Death Alan Seeger 246
Incidents and Aspects 194
Infantry Patrick R. Chalmers 219
In Flanders Fields John McCrae 371
In Gallipoli Eden Phillpotts 215
In Memoriam A. H. Maurice Baring 340
In Memoriam E. A. Mackintosh 395
In the Trenches Maurice Hewlett 202
In the Morning Patrick MacGill 276
In Time of "The Breaking of Nations" Thomas Hardy 132
Into Battle Julian Grenfell 250
Invalided Edward Shillito 362
Ireland 58
Island of Skyros, The John Masefield 380
Italian Front, On the George Edward Woodberry 105
Italy 103
Italy in Arms Clinton Scollard 103
Italy, To Moray Dalton 105
"It will be a Hard Winter" Olive Tilford Dargan 161
Jimmy Doane Rowland Thirlmere 98
Journey, The Grace Fallow Norton 415
Kaiser and Belgium, The Stephen Phillips 109
Kaiser and Councillor Stuart P. Sherman 182
Kaiser and God, The Barry Pain 157
Keeping the Seas 318
Kilmeny Alfred Noyes 319
Kings Joyce Kilmer 261
Kiss, A Bernard Freeman Trotter 297
Kitchener John Helston 384
Kitchener's March Amelia Josephine Burr 386
Lament Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 373
Lament from the Dead, A Walter Lightowler Wilkinson 404
Langemarck Wilfred Campbell 62
Last Hero, The A. E. 380
Last Post, The Robert Graves 274
Last Rally, The John Gould Fletcher 216
Letter from the Front, A Henry Newbolt 200
Letter to an Aviator in France Grace Hazard Conkling 347
Liège 109
Light after Darkness E. Wyndham Tennant 279
Lines written in a Fire Trench W. S. S. Lyon 300
Lines written in Surrey, 1917 George Herbert Clarke 47
"Lochaber No More!" Neil Munro 56
Lord Kitchener Robert Bridges 384
Lost Land, A Kathleen Knox 159
Magpies in Picardy T. P. Cameron Wilson 267
Memories E. Hilton Young 300
Men of Verdun Laurence Binyon 120
"Men Who March Away" Thomas Hardy 131
Merchantmen, The Morley Roberts 325
Missing Beatrice W. Ravenal 419
Mobilization of Brittany, The Grace Fallow Norton 236
Moira's Keening Norreys Jephson O' Conor 58
Mopus Guy Kendall 227
Mother, The Katharine Tynan 408
Mother and Mate Gilbert Frankau 416
Mother Understands, A G. A. Studdert Kennedy 190
My Son Ada Tyrrell 410
Name of France, The Henry Van Dyke 87
Napoleon Gamaliel Bradford 171
Napoleon's Tomb Dana Burnet 172
New Ally, The Harry Kemp 92
New Heaven Katharine Tynan 402
New School, The Joyce Kilmer 259
New World, The Laurence Binyon 96
New Zealander, The Ben Kendim 69
Next Morning E. Armine Wodehouse 284
Niagra Vachel Lindsay 176
No Man's Land James H. Knight-Adkin 272
Non-Combatants Evelyn Underhill 184
North Sea Jeffery Day 338
North Sea Ground, The C. Fox Smith 332
Off Heligoland J. Edgar Middleton 328
Old Soldier, The Katharine Tynan 403
Of Greatham John Drinkwater 147
On a Troopship, 1915 Herbert Asquith 274
"On Les Aura!" James H. Knight-Adkin 273
Out of the Conflict Alberta Vickridge, V.A.D. 365
Outward Bound Nowell Oxland 334
Oxford 123
Oxford from the Trenches E. A. Mackintosh 130
Oxford in War-Time Laurence Binyon 124
Oxford Men in the War, To the Christopher Morley 125
Oxford Revisited in War-Time Tertius van Dyke 128
Passengers of a Retarded Submersible, The William Dean Howells 205
Peace 421
Peace Rupert Brooke 246
Peace (November 11, 1918) G. O. Warren 422
Peaceful Warrior, The Henry Van Dyke 148
Peacemaker, The Joyce Kilmer 312
Petition, A Robert Ernest Vernede 259
Pierrot at War Maxwell Struthers Burt 239
Pierrot Goes to War Gabrielle Elliot 417
Pipes in Arras Neil Munro 54
Place, The Francis Ledwidge 251
Place de La Concorde, August 14, 1914 Florence Earle Coates 82
Players, The Francis Bickley 398
Poets Militant 245
Poplars, The Bernard Freeman Trotter 298
Prayer of a Soldier in France Joyce Kilmer 243
Princetown, May, 1917 Alfred Noyes 100
Queenslanders Will. H. Ogilvie 68
Ragged Stone, The Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 137
Rainbow, The Leslie Coulson 241
Recruit, The Isabel Ecclestone Mackay 238
Red Christmas, The W. H. Draper 185
Red Cross Nurse, The Edith M. Thomas 317
Red Poppies in the Corn W. Campbell Galbraith 304
Reflections 131
Reincarnation E. Wyndham Tennant 279
Resurrection John Ernest Adamson 207
Resurrection Hermann Hagedorn 398
Retreat Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 206
Return, The John Freeman 198
Reveillé Ronald Lewis Carton 403
Reveillé Eden Phillpotts 424
Rheims Cathedral—1914 Grace Hazard Conkling 240
Richmond Park Rowland Thirlmere 218
Riddles, R. F. C. John Drinkwater 376
Road to Dieppe, The John Finley 165
Romance Neil Monro 234
Roumania George Edward Woodberry 108
Ruins (Ypres, 1917) George Herbert Clarke 119
Safety Rupert Brooke 245
Saint George of England C. Fox Smith 46
Scotland 54
Searchlights Paul Bewsher 351
Searchlights, The Alfred Noyes 134
Sedan Hilaire Belloc 80
Serbia Florence Earle Coates 106
Serbia, Greece, and Roumania 106
Shadows and Lights A. E. 140
Sign, The Frederic Manning 269
Silent Toast, The Frederick George Scott 397
Soldier, The Rupert Brooke 245
Soldier Speaks, The John Galsworthy 136
Solomon in All His Glory G. A. Studdert Kennedy 244
"Somewhere in France" John Hogben 399
Song Edward J. O'Brien 412
Song of the Dardanelles Henry Lawson 70
Song of the Guns at Sea, The Henry Newbolt 324
Song of the Irish Armies T. M. Kettle 60
Song of the Pacifist, The Robert W. Service 189
Song of the Red Cross Eden Phillpotts 315
Song of Winter Weather, A Robert W. Service 195
Songs from an Evil Wood Dunsany 252
Sonnets Henry William Hutchinson 290
Sonnets written in the Autumn of 1914 George Edward Woodberry 142
Spectral Army, The G. O. Warren 378
Spies of Oxford, The Winifred M. Letts 123
Sportsmen in Paradise T. P. Cameron Wilson 393
Spring in War-Time Sara Teasdale 420
Stars in their Courses, The John Freeman 169
Steeple, The Patrick R. Chalmers 162
Subalterns Mildred Huxley 127
Summer Morning, A Clinton Scollard 179
Superman, The Robert Grant 173
Sweet England John Freeman 48
Telling the Bees G. E. Rees 390
Then and Now Thomas Hardy 133
"There will Come Soft Rains" Sara Teasdale 186
"These Shall Prevail" Theodosia Garrison 181
Thomas of the Light Heart Owen Seaman 201
Three Hills Everard Owen 178
Tipperary Days Robert W. Service 197
To a Canadian Aviator who Died for his Country in France Duncan Campbell Scott 349
To a Canadian Lad, killed in the War Duncan Campbell Scott 394
To a Dog John Jay Chapman 378
To a Skylark behind our Trenches Edward de Stein 280
To a Soldier in Hospital Winifred M. Letts 354
To Fellow-Travellers in Greece W. Macneile Dixon 168
To My Brother Miles Jeffrey Game Day 257
To My Daughter Betty, the Gift of God T. M. Kettle 241
To My Godson Mildred Huxley 401
To My Pupils, Gone Before Their Day Guy Kendall 181
To our Dead W. L. Courtney 390
To Our Fallen Robert Ernest Vernède 372
To Some Who Have Fallen Moray Dalton 395
To the Fallen Claude Houghton 392
To the Memory of Field-Marshal Earl Roberts of Kandahar and Pretoria Owen Seaman 387
To the Wingless Victory George Edward Woodberry 346
To Tony (aged 3) Marjorie Wilson 400
Toy Band, The Henry Newbolt 199
Trafalgar Square Robert Bridges 358
Transport Frederic Manning 271
Trenches, The Frederic Manning 270
Trench Duty Siegfried Sassoon 267
Troops, The Siegfried Sassoon 266
Two Sonnets Charles Hamilton Sorley 369
United States of America, To the Robert Bridges 88
Valley of the Shadow John Galsworthy 374
Valleys of the Blue Shrouds, The John Finley 84
Verdun 120
Verdun Eden Phillpotts 121
Vigil, The Henry Newbolt 43
Vindictive, The Alfred Noyes 320
Vision of Spring, 1916, The H. H. Bashford 174
Vive La France! Charlotte Holmes Crawford 80
Voice of the Guns, The Gilbert Frankau 295
Volunteer, The Robert W. Service 194
Volunteer, The Herbert Asquith 275
War O. A. Studdert Kennedy 244
War Cry of the Eagles, The Bliss Carman 191
War Films, The Henry Newbolt 137
Watchmen of the Night Cecil Roberts 336
We Willed it Not John Drinkwater 146
When I Come Home Leslie Coulson 425
When it is Finished Marjorie L. C. Pickthall 423
"When There is Peace" Austin Dobson 421
Where Kitchener Sleeps Wilfred Campbell 385
White Comrade, The Robert Haven Schauffler 362
Wife of Flanders, The Gilbert Keith Chesterton 77
Wireless Alfred Noyes 318
Women and the War 406
Wounded, The 353
Ypres 113
Ypres Gorell 113
Ypres Tower, Rye Everard Owen 178


A childhood land of mountain ways 159
A few clouds float across the grand blue sky 305
After the war—I hear men ask—what then? 423
A league and a league from the trenches—from the traversed maze of the lines 293
A leaping wind from England 243
A little flock of clouds go down to rest 252
All night in a cottage far 174
All that a man might ask thou hast given me, England 259
All the hills and vales along 256
All the thin shadows 106
Ambassador of Christ you go 314
And now, while the dark vast earth shakes and rocks 169
Another land has crashed into the deep 108
As I lay in the trenches 202
As I was walking with my dear, my dear come back at last 137
As I went walking up and down 127
A slope of summer sprinkled over 347
A song of hate is a song of Hell 94
A sudden swirl of song in the bright sky 47
As when the shadow of the sun's eclipse 144
Awake, ye nations slumbering supine 142
A wind blew out of the Prussian plain 60
A wingèd death has smitten dumb thy bells 240
A year ago in Carnival 239
Because for once the sword broke in her hand 79
Bees hummed and rooks called hoarsely outside the quiet room 391
Before, before he was aware 261
Before I knew, the Dawn was on the road 165
Before our trenches at Cambrai 310
Beneath fair Magdalen's storied towers 128
Blossoms as old as May I scatter here 251
Blow out, you bugles, over the rich Dead! 367
Broken, bewildered by the long retreat 206
Brothers in blood! They who this wrong began 88
Burn up the world, and yet the living spark 51
By all the deeds to Thy dear glory due 67
By all the glories of the day 306
By day, by night, along the lines their dull boom rings 304
Captains adventurous, from your ports of quiet 337
City of stark desolation 113
Come, Death, I'd have a word with thee 155
Courage came to you with your boyhood's grace 354
Dark, dark lay the drifters, against the red west 319
Dawn on the drab North Sea!— 338
Dear Lord, I hold my hand to take 190
Dear! of all happy in the hour, most blest 245
Dim, gradual thinning of the shapeless gloom 266
Dreary lay the long road, dreary lay the town 199
Ended the watches of the dark; oh hear the bugles blow— 424
Endless lanes sunken in the clay 270
England, the home of poetry; the hearth 52
England! where the sacred flame 43
Facing the guns, he jokes as well 201
Farewell! the village leaning to the hill 274
Farewell to Lochaber, farewell to the glen 56
Far fall the day when England's realm shall see 143
Far peace, than knowledge more desirable 147
Far up at Glorian the wind is sighing 300
Fate wafts us from the pygmies' shore 138
Fool that I was! my heart was sore 353
For all we have and are 52
For France and liberty he set apart 171
France is planting her gardens 86
Franceline rose in the dawning grey 80
From its blue vase the rose of evening drops 46
From morn to midnight, all day through 255
From out the dragging vastness of the sea 360
Gemmed with white daisies was the great green world 400
Ghostly ships in a ghostly sea,— 328
Give us a name to fill the mind 87
God dreamed a man 281
God, I am travelling out to death's sea 374
Gone is the spire that slept for centuries 76
Grave hour and solemn choice—bare is the sword 91
Great names of thy great captains gone before 62
Green gardens in Laventie! 277
Grey fields of Flanders, grim old battle-plain 116
Guns of Verdun point to Metz 122
Had I that fabled herb 323
Hark! 'Tis the rush of the horses 213
Hearken, the feet of the Destroyer tread 143
He died, as soldiers die, amid the strife 387
He is blind and nevermore 360
He limps along the city street 362
He looked back down the long lane of the years— 207
Her boys are not shut out. They come 408
Here Freedom stood by slaughtered friend and foe 100
Here in the marshland, past the battered bridge 374
Here is his little cambric frock 410
Here lies a clerk who half his life had spent 275
Here, where we stood together, we three men 380
He said: "Thou petty people, let me pass 109
He that has left hereunder 368
He was a boy of April beauty; one 376
He was lounging over the stubble on the slope of St. Catherine's Hill 227
His mother bids him go without a tear 238
Hope and mirth are gone. Beauty is departed 299
How should we praise those lads of the old Vindictive 320
I am only a cog in a giant machine, a link of an endless chain:— 294
I dreamed that overhead 377
I dream that on far heaven's steep 378
If courage thrives on reeking slaughter 136
I feared the lonely dead, so old were they 392
I feel the spring far off, far off 420
If I should die, think only this of me 245
I, from a window where the Meuse is wide 80
I had no heart to march for war 187
I have a rendezvous with Death 246
I have not wept when I have seen 301
I heard a boy that climbed up Dover's Hill 48
I heard the rumbling guns. I saw the smoke 198
I met with Death in his country 255
In a vision of the night I saw them 316
I never knew you save as all men know 383
In Flanders fields the poppies blow 371
In our hill-country of the North 291
In Paris Town, in Paris Town—'twas 'neath an April sky— 219
In that Valhalla where the heroes go 78
In the burgh town of Arras 54
In the glad revels, in the happy fêtes 247
In the midnight, in the rain 216
In the place to which I go 403
In the sheltered garden, pale beneath the moon 417
In winds that leave man's spirit cold 90
In wiser days, my darling rosebud, blown 241
I pray for peace; yet peace is but a prayer 144
I saw the Connaught Rangers when they were passing by 59
I saw the spires of Oxford 123
I see across the chasm of flying years 290
It is portentous, and a thing of state 88
I too remember distant golden days 279
It's Autumn-time on Salisbury Plain 307
It was nearly twelve o'clock by the sergeant's watch 287
It was sad weather when you went away 418
It was silent in the street 236
I've seen them in the morning light 304
I was out early to-day, spying about 200
I watch the white dawn gleam 241
I went upon a journey 415
I will die cheering, if I needs must die 105
Land of the desolate, Mother of tears 76
Lean brown lords of the Brisbane beaches 68
Led by Wilhelm, as you tell 157
Lest the young soldiers be strange in heaven 403
Light green of grass and richer green of bush 158
Lightly she slept that splendid mother mine 416
Lord God of battle and of pain 312
Lord, how can he be dead? 416
Lords of the seas' great wilderness 336
Low and brown barns, thatched and repatched and tattered 77
Make this thing plain to us, O Lord! 421
Men of my blood, you English men! 44
Men of the Twenty-first 203
Moon, slow rising, over the trembling sea-rim 414
My leg? It's off at the knee 195
My name is Darino, the poet. You have heard? Oui, Comédie Française 230
My shoulders ache beneath my pack 243
Near where the royal victims fell 82
Never of us be said 184
No Man's Land is an eerie sight 272
No more old England will they see 375
Not long did we lie on the torn, red field of pain 398
Not the muffled drums for him 386
Not with her ruined silver spires 75
Now, God be thanked Who has matched us with His hour 246
Now is the midnight of the nations: dark 148
Now is the time of the splendour of Youth and Death 96
Now slowly sinks the day-long labouring Sun 149
Now spake the Emperor to all his shining battle forces 109
Now to those who search the deep— 318
O, a lush green English meadow—it's there that I would lie— 298
Of all my dreams by night and day 103
Often I think of you, Jimmy Doane 98
Often, on afternoons grey and sombre 125
O gracious ones, we bless your name 315
O grim and iron-bastioned 385
O guns, fall silent till the dead men hear 371
Oh, down by Millwall Basin as I went the other day 330
Oh, Grimsby is a pleasant town as any man may find 332
Oh, hear! Oh, hear! 324
Oh, hump your swag and leave, lads, the ships are in the bay 67
Old orchard crofts of Picardy 234
O living pictures of the dead 137
O Mountains of Erin 58
Once, in my moment of earth 306
Once more the Night like some great dark drop-scene 279
Only a man harrowing clods 132
O noble youth that held our honour in keeping 394
On this primeval strip of western land 333
O Race that Cæsar knew 74
Orion swung southward aslant 389
O shards of walls that once held precious life 84
O take away the mistletoe 185
O turn ye homeward in the night-tide dusk! 56
Out here the dogs of war run loose 226
Out of the flame-scarred night one came to me 392
Out of the smoke of men's wrath 269
Over the shallow, angry English Channel 218
Over the twilight field 412
Over the warring waters, beneath the wandering skies 322
Paradise now has many a Knight 402
Past happiness dissolves. It fades away 378
Peace, battle-worn and starved, and gaunt and pale 422
Peace! Vex us not; we are the Dead 404
Pinks and syringa in the garden close 240
Rolling out to fight for England, singing songs across the sea 72
Ruins of trees whose woeful arms 119
Saint George he was a fighting man, as all the tales do tell 46
Saints have adored the lofty soul of you 369
Samothrace and Imbros lie 69
See you that stretch of shell-torn mud spotted with pools of mire 273
Sez I: My Country calls? well, let it call 194
Shadow by shadow, stripped for fight 134
Shaken from sleep, and numbed and scarce awake 267
She goes all softly 412
She kissed me when she said good-bye— 297
She's England yet! The nations never knew her 50
She turned the page of wounds and death 410
Since all that is was ever bound to be 188
Sleep well, heroic souls, in silence sleep 390
Something sings gently through the din of battle 417
"Somewhere in France" we know not where he lies 399
Somewhere lost in the haze 253
Somewhere, O sun, some corner there must be 165
So you were David's father 395
Spring is God's season; may you see His Spring 395
Standing on the fire-step 214
Still I see them coming, coming 244
Such, such is Death: no triumph: no defeat 370
Surely the keeper of the House of Death 391
Tecumseh of the Shawnees 191
The battery grides and jingles 265
The battle-smoke still fouled the day 317
The bugler sent a call of high romance 274
The City of God is late become a seaport town 327
The clouds are in the sky, and a light rain falling 130
The day closed in a wrath of cloud. The gale— 329
The dead are with us everywhere 393
The falling rain is music overhead 291
The firefly haunts were lighted yet 276
The first to climb the parapet 286
The great guns of England, they listen mile on mile 254
The halls that were loud with the merry tread of young and careless feet 259
The horror-haunted Belgian plains riven by shot and shell 173
Their great grey ships go plunging forth 92
The King have called the Devon lads and they be answering fine— 409
The Kings go by with jewelled crowns 133
The Kings of the earth are men of might 261
The lamplight's shaded rose 411
The magpies in Picardy 267
The moon swims in milkiness 271
The naked earth is warm with Spring 250
The night is still and the air is keen 275
There are five men in the moonlight 120
There is a fold of lion-coloured earth 215
There is a hill in England 178
There is no joy in strife 148
There is no wrath in the stars 252
There is wild water from the north 384
There's a soul in the Eternal 244
There's a waterfall I'm leaving 334
There's a woman sobs her heart out 406
There's mist in the hollows 162
There where he sits in the cold, in the gloom 183
There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground 186
The sacred Head was bound and diapered 115
The sheep are coming home in Greece 107
The skippers and the mates, they know! 325
The starshells float above, the bayonets glisten 373
The summer meads are fair with daisy-snow 179
The thorns were blooming red and white 218
The visions of the soul, more strange than dreams 152
The ward is strangely hushed to-day 365
The wind had blown away the rain 340
The wireless tells and the cable tells 70
The world hath its own dead; great motions start 388
They dug no grave for our soldier lad, who fought and died out there 390
They had hot scent across the spumy sea 327
They had so much to lose; their radiant laughter 127
They left the fury of the fight 393
They say the blue king jays have flown 161
They shall come back through Heaven's bars 401
They stand with reverent faces 397
This is my faith, and my mind's heritage 145
This is the ballad of Langemarck 62
This will I do when we have peace again 257
Those who have stood for thy cause when the dark was around thee 82
Thou art the world's desired, the golden fleece 105
Though we, a happy few 383
Thou little voice! Thou happy sprite 280
Three hundred thousand men, but not enough 121
Through the great doors, where Paris flowed incessant 172
Through what dark pass to what place in the sun 182
'Tis midnight, and above the hollow trench 300
To-day the sun shines bright 284
To-night I drifted to the restaurant 233
Tossed like a falcon from the hunter's wrist 349
To the judge of Right and Wrong 92
Tower of Ypres that watchest, gravely smiling 178
Troops to our England true 45
'Twas in the piping time of peace 168
Under our curtain of fire 362
Unflinching hero, watchful to forsee 384
Upon his will he binds a radiant chain 312
War laid bugle to his lips, blew one blast—and then 181
Was there love once? I have forgotten her 264
We are here in a wood of little beaches 269
We are the guns, and your masters! Saw ye our flashes? 295
We challenged Death. He threw with weighted dice 398
We had forgotten you, or very nearly— 163
We laid him to rest with tenderness 380
We talked together in the days gone by 399
We who are left, how shall we look again 373
We willed it not. We have not lived in hate 146
What alters you, familiar lawn and tower 124
What do they matter, our headlong hates, when we take the toll of our Dead? 189
Whatever penman wrote or orator 90
What gods have met in battle to arouse 140
What high adventure, in what world afar 350
What legend of a star that fell


What of the faith and fire within us 131
What was it kept you so long, brave German submersible? 205
When battles were fought 133
Whence not unmoved I see the nations form 145
When consciousness came back, he found he lay 355
When England's King put English to the horn 96
When first I saw you in the curious street 303
When I come home, dear folk o' mine 425
When it is finished, Father, and we set 423
When the fire sinks in the grate, and night has bent 95
When the heroic deeds that mark our time 106
When the long grey lines came flooding upon Paris in the plain 220
When there is Peace our land no more 421
When you see millions of the mouthless dead 370
When wars are done 180
Who would remember me were I to die 307
Wingless Victory, whose shrine 346
With arrows on their quarters and with numbers on their hoofs 66
With folded hands beside the fire 407
Within the town of Buffalo 176
With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children 368
Ye sleepers, who will sing you? 372
Yon poisonous clod 281
You fell; and on a distant field, shell-shatter'd 379
Your face was lifted to the golden sky 381
You seemed so young, to know 181
You who have seen across the star-decked skies 351

Printed in Great Britain by Butler & Tanner, Frome and London.