Adventures in Toyland

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Molly and the Marionette

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  • Unrolling the Adventures
  • Three Friends in Fairyland
  • The Farthing Doll gets a Surprise
  • From Noah's Ark
  • Four Merry Ducklings
  • Birds of a Feather
  • A Procession from the Ark
  • "Molly's astonishment was great"
  • The two Dancers
  • The Marionette is waiting
  • The Rabbit plays and the Mouse dances
  • The Mouse collects the Money
  • Pair of Conspirators
  • "The Sentry is both brave and wicked"
  • The Mouse discloses its Plan
  • The Owl listens behind the Sentry-box
  • The Owl takes charge of the Drum
  • On their way to the Sentry-box
  • The Rabbit bids the Sentry Good-day
  • The Rabbit spreads the Gum over the Floor
  • The Mouse tries to look pious
  • The Rabbit takes Vengeance
  • Two little Tell-tales
  • Here the Marionette paused
  • Belinda shuts her Eyes
  • "Simplicity and Self"
  • The Sailor-lad tries to startle Belinda
  • "Oh, Belinda, how I love you!"
  • Bedtime in the Ark
  • The Marionette in a hurry
  • The Two Enemies
  • "The Lady Dolls shrieked"
  • The Officer threatens the Elephant
  • "He fell under the animal's trunk"
  • "He grunted and walked slowly away"
  • Molly sits beside her Friend
  • "One day she saw the Bicycle-man"
  • "A very handsome fellow"
  • "Something within her went--_Snap_!"
  • "Alas! alack-a-day!"
  • "Come, this won't do!"
  • "The Hansom-driver was very plain"
  • "The Butcher, the Baker, and the Clown"
  • "My face is my fortune"
  • "Every time he looked in the Glass"
  • "Drove off as fast as he could"
  • "I should like to hear about her"
  • "Claribelle was a haughty doll"
  • "The Rag Doll was a pushing person"
  • The Driver begins to sing
  • "Then she swept away"
  • "The Driver got up with dignity"
  • "He loved but drove away"
  • Proud Claribelle is penitent
  • "The two met as usual"
  • The Grocer meets the Farthing Doll
  • "They walked away hand in hand"
  • "She handed him a joint of beef"
  • "Supposing I said 'Yes' and you said 'No '"
  • "They were happy ever after"
  • "Molly ran away content"
  • "The little Marionette lay on the ground"
  • "They had just finished their dance"
  • "I begin to understand--nerves"
  • The General rides off to the nearest chemist
  • The Clown dances a double-shuffle
  • "You are not crying, dear, are you?"
  • "She rocked to and fro silently"
  • The Marionette fell asleep quite happily
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This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1923. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).