After You've Gone

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After You've Gone  (1918) 
by Turner Layton (music) and Henry Creamer (lyrics)
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Now won't you listen honey while I say
How could you tell me that you're going away
Don't say that we must part
Don't break your baby's heart
You know I loved you for these many years
Loved you night and day
Oh honey baby can't you see my tears
Listen while I say


After you've gone and left me crying
After you've gone there's no denying,
You'll feel blue, you'll feel sad,
You'll miss the bestest pal you've ever had
There'll come a time, now don't forget it,
There'll come a time, when you'll regret it
Oh! Babe, think what you're doing
You know my love for you will drive me to ruin,
After you've gone
After you've gone away, away.


Don't you remember how you used to say
You'd always love me in the same old way
And now it's very strange
That you should ever change
Perhaps some other sweetie's won your heart
Tempted you away
But let me warn you tho' we're miles apart
You'll regret some day

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