Agreement relating to Malaysia between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Federation of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore/Annex G

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[NOTE : The form of the Order set out in this Annex is that appropriate for North Borneo. In order to make the form of the Order appropriate for Sarawak—
(i) "Sarawak" should be substituted for "North Borneo" or "Sabah" throughout (except in the definition of "judge" in paragraph 1 (1) of the Schedule),
(ii) " 56 " should be substituted for " 57 " in paragraphs l(3)(c), 5 and 6 of the Schedule,
(iii) "Governor" should be substituted for "Yang di-Pertua Negara" in the definition of "appropriate authority in paragraph 1 (1) and " North Borneo " should be substituted for " Sarawak " in the definition of " entitled officer " in paragraph 1(1) and in paragraph 18 of the Schedule,
(iv) the following proviso should be inserted after paragraph 17— " Provided that section 10 of the Pensions Ordinance of Sarawak or any law amending or replacing that section shall not apply in relation to any pension granted under the provisions of this Schedule.".]

North Borneo (Compensation and Retiring Benefits) Order in Council, 1963

1. This Order may be cited as the North Borneo (Compensation and Citation. Retiring Benefits) Order in Council 1963.


2. The Interpretation Act 1889(a) shall apply, with the necessary adaptations, for the purposes of interpreting this Order and otherwise in relation thereto as it applies for the purpose of interpreting, and in relation to, Acts of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

of Schedule.

3. The provisions contained in the Schedule to this Order shall have effect in relation to the public service of North Borneo.


4. (1) Where any officer or authority has before the commencement of this Order in pursuance of any provision of the compensation scheme given any permission or consent or prescribed any condition or made any declaration or done any other thing for the purposes of that scheme, that permission, consent, condition, declaration, or other thing shall be deemed to have been given, prescribed, made or done, as the case may be, under the corresponding provision of the Schedule to this Order, and the provisions of that Schedule shall have effect accordingly.
(2) Where any officer has before the commencement of this Order in pursuance of any provision in the compensation scheme given any