Al-Ghazali letter to all Prominent Theologians

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To all Prominent Theologians

The Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said: "This world is utterly vile and wicked. It has fallen into deep abasement. Everything it contains is cursed, except those things which are exclusively meant for Allah."

Those who lead the life of conventionality, artificiality and personal ambition, and indulge in the accumulation of wealth, sow only the seeds of mischief and wretchedness that result in the devastation of the face of the earth.

This world is the means and the next the end. The wise man is he who collects goods here for his journey to the Hereafter. The Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, hinted to the same effect in the hadith: "Honestly earned money is a source of great strength for an honest man."

The best of all virtues is the love of regard for the learned and pious, and the best of money is giving alms to them. There is no better way to salvation than by bringing relief to the hearts of the pious worshipers of Allah.

Yours sincerely
Al Ghazali