Alarms and Discursions

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Alarms and Discursions  (1910) 
by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Collection of essays by poet and writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton.


  1. Introductory: On Gargoyles
  2. The Surrender of a Cockney
  3. The Nightmare
  4. The Telegraph Poles
  5. A Drama of Dolls
  6. The Man and His Newspaper
  7. The Appetite of Earth
  8. Simmons and the Social Tie
  9. Cheese
  10. The Red Town
  11. The Furrows
  12. The Philosophy of Sight-seeing
  13. A Criminal Head
  14. The Wrath of the Roses
  15. The Gold of Glastonbury
  16. The Futurists
  17. Dukes
  18. The Glory of Grey
  19. The Anarchist
  20. How I Found the Superman
  21. The New House
  22. The Wings of Stone
  23. The Three Kinds of Men
  24. The Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds
  25. The Field of Blood
  26. The Strangeness of Luxury
  27. The Triumph of the Donkey
  28. The Wheel
  29. Five Hundred and Fifty-five
  30. Ethandune
  31. The Flat Freak
  32. The Garden of the Sea
  33. The Sentimentalist
  34. The White Horses
  35. The Long Bow
  36. The Modern Scrooge
  37. The High Plains
  38. The Chorus
  39. A Romance of the Marshes